Third Debate is Foundation for Next U.S President


There is much controversy with this year’s presidential election. Yet again, on Oct. 19, Trump and Clinton attempted to win the preference of the American people in the third and final debate. The debate was held at the Thomas and Mack Center, University of Nevada in Las Vegas and moderated by Fox news anchor, Chris Wallace.

The debate started out with both candidates questioned on how to interpret the U.S Constitution. Both candidates expressed their respect for their country and for their hosts holding the debate and went on to answer the question, all the while throwing in facts regarding their overall platform. The overlook on their beliefs showed their complete opposition in many areas such as abortion and foreign policy and their slightly different beliefs such as with Obama Care.

Trump continued to state that it must be repealed, while Hillary acknowledged it was fractured yet can be fixed with a few tweaks.

Throughout the debate many allegations were thrown at the opposing candidate from each other. However, in the end what will show each candidate’s success are the amount of votes received and that will determine who will become the next president of the United States.

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