Harsh heat wave hits California Labor Day weekend


An extreme heat wave affecting most parts of the country hit California this Labor weekend with record-breaking temperatures. 

This week’s record achieving heat wave was predicted to go up to 115 degrees in the Inland Empire area, while the coast was predicted to be about 100 degrees according to The National Weather Service.

“California has been ridiculously hot and will be hot for a good part of the week,” Bob Oravec, forecaster with the US Weather Prediction Center.

As temperatures go up, the chance at power failure rises also.

“The reality is we’re living in an era of extremes: extreme heat, extreme drought — and with the flooding we’re experiencing around the globe,” said California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Newsom declared a state of emergency with extreme heat circumstances. 

Labor day was estimated 10 to 30 degrees above normal temperatures and the heat wave broke records, such as in Sacramento. 

On Sept. 6 Sacramento hit 116 degrees which breaks the previous record of 108 degrees in 1988 as the hottest day in Sacramento history.

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