Opinion: Careless gun policies cost lives


Guns are no doubt cherished by many Americans, whether they are used for recreational uses such as shooting in the range, practicing accuracy or hunting. But others have different views on guns, and they have good reasons to view guns in a negative manner due to the tragedies guns have caused. But all in all, guns should only serve one purpose and that’s self defense. 

A gun, considering its potential to cause lethal trauma, should not be looked at lightly by America. Guns should overall be harder to obtain all around America equally, as they are able to take someone’s life in a flash. Guns should not be obtained easier in some states compared to others as it creates an inequality. 

The differences between the two political parties have caused the parties to oppose one another’s beliefs in political views, such as gun control. With the two parties opposing each other’s gun control beliefs, neither parties stop to think about the effects their decisions might cause Americans. The parties who are mainly in charge of democracy should not be so careless on crucial laws like gun control. Both parties need to wake up and realize that their decisions impact America, whether it’s positive or negative. They need to think outside the box. If they truly cared about Americans, they would put their differences aside and agree on a safer alternative rather than completely opposing the other party.  In other words, don’t oppose something that could greatly affect America; elaborate and discuss how both parties could modify their beliefs and agree on something. 

Now let’s say the Republicans and Democrats continue to act with the same beliefs, in terms of Americans’ safety, in that case heavily arming public places such as schools, malls, and supermarkets would decrease mass shootings or decrease the likelihood of these tragedies occurring. If guns are so easy to obtain, then why don’t places that have been susceptible to shootings use guns in defense? A mentally unstable 18-year-old is able to acquire a gun, but schools, while still being frequently targeted by shootings, do not arm themselves as they should.

With the frequent shootings that have occurred, America has gotten to the point where it’s “better safe than sorry,” and since anything can happen, why not prepare for the unexpected? It could save countless lives.

America should have wisened up the moment the first school shooting ever happened, but hasn’t yet learned from those past tragedies. American children should never have to go to school in fear that it might be their last school day ever.

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