To buy or not to buy: Apple’s new iPhone X divides upon reveal


Apple’s new flagship smartphone, the iPhone X, goes up for preorder on Oct. 27, 2017. Though the innovations and power of this device have many fans of technology elated, many concerns have been raised as well. Things such as the the price of nearly $1,000 and lack of fingerprint sensor have discouraged potential buyers. Despite this, the device is getting plenty of positive attention for many reasons.

To many, the iPhone X is nothing short of genius. For example, the iPhone X is Apple’s first and only smartphone that does not feature the tech giant’s iconic home button. It also propels Apple’s foreseeable goal to create a completely cordless device with the introduction of wireless charging to the smartphone line. This shows that the company is really stepping it up to compete with top competitors such as the Google, Samsung and LG. The device looks fantastic and has enough power under the hood to support both casual use and gaming. The phone packs Apple’s latest chip, the A11, which is the most powerful phone chipset on the market at the time of this publication, and when coupled with a decent three gigabytes of ram, this phone packs a massive wallop.

The display of this device is, like most other aspects of it, exceptional. The 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display on the device looks beautiful, and covers the vast majority of the front of the device. Applications are naturally rounded at the edges and give a smooth, premium feeling to the device. To allow for this massive screen, there is the sacrifice of the company’s lightning fast fingerprint sensor and adds Apple’s new True Depth facial recognition camera.

Sadly, there are still concerns pertaining to this device. Firstly, the device will sell for about $1,000. For comparison, the iPhone 8 has the same chipset and costs $200 less than the X. The 8 still has a fingerprint sensor, which is huge considering that Apple’s iPhone X demo showed a facial recognition accuracy of merely 50%.

In conclusion, there are many things to consider when buying this device. For example, would the buyer be content with reverting back to the classic pin number unlock due to unreliable facial recognition software or is the extra $200 dollars worth it to get one’s hands on that beautiful OLED display? Of course, the worth of the item will be determined once it hits shelves in late October. Until then, the world must be satisfied with earlier models and planned obsoletion like always.

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