Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dies

By NICK JUNKEROn Feb. 13, 2016, a man whose conservative theories almost single-handedly changed the scope of the Supreme Court died of natural causes. This man’s name was Antonin Scalia. As soon as Scalia entered the Supreme Court, he immediately made the type of impact that Richard Nixon […]

Column: Three Words to Live By

Live to InspireBy LAYLA ABBASCompassion. Respect. Love. These three simple words are the most under appreciated concepts in today’s society. These three simple words are the most complex for people to understand. The world is acclimated to heinous crimes and witnessing people who release hate as much as […]

Kings Come Calling

By NICK JUNKER​Kings discover new found success from unlikely sources. The Sacramento Kings have been an essential part of the NBA, as pioneering members, who have been more infamous for changing franchise names than being actually successful. In the past nine seasons alone, the Kings have had a record of 244-478 (0.510). Simply put, they have […]

CV Teacher Feature: Mrs. Young

By BRANDON SAGLAMNicki Young or Mrs. Young, as she is known by her students, is a teacher at Citrus Valley High School. Mrs. Young teaches World History and AP Human Geography. She has enjoyed many travels and plans on many more.  She also adores her students, who she […]

REV Teacher Feature: Mr. Berman

By AARON ANDREAS and ANDRES DOWNEY On the outskirts of the Redlands East Valley High School’s campus, lies room E120, home to AP literature and Composition teacher Mr. Berman. He is involved in a multitude of clubs at REV, and he serves as the advisor for Academic Decathlon, […]