REV Homecoming Theme Features Festivals

By Bella HanlonTomorrowland:  FreshmenTomorrowland is a massive electronic music festival held in Boom, Belgium.    The first Tomorrowland was held in 2005, so this year holds the 11th annual festival.  Tomorrowland is one of the most notable music festivals in the world. Performers include David Guetta, Nervo, Swedish House […]

NBA2k16 Game Review

NBA 2K16 Game Review ​ By: Ryan Aranda The much anticipated “NBA 2K16” was released worldwide by 2K Sports on September 29th. However, if players chose to preorder the game, they were eligible to receive the game four days earlier, on September 25th. The game is available on […]

Is Common Core Any Good?

By Layla AbbasIt is evident that people dislike change; change in education recently occurred and kicked up a storm of furor amongst parents who did not understand this new curriculum. In recent years tests were mainly multiple choice and focused strictly on basic skills. Concepts like writing, critical […]