Thank a Teacher

By VERONICA SUAZA ​Students recognize that each day comes with its own challenges. Trying to balance classes with sports, clubs, as well as family and social lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of that which is called “life.” Let’s not forget those special people […]

Rap Music Is Not Dead

By RYAN ARANDA Today, rap music is widely criticized by many people across the country, who hate on the genre’s continual loss of appeal over the years. There are numerous hip hop fans who are disappointed with the failure of young new artists to reflect similar styles of […]

Spanish is More Practical 

By AARON ANDREAS and ANDRES DOWNEY  ​Throughout a high school career students are tasked with taking a foreign language class. However, there is one question: Spanish or French? We will provide the evidence, the facts, the so called “concrete details” to show you why you should take Spanish instead of […]

Terror Strikes Paris

By AARON HILL ​ ​Vive la France, pray for Paris, and renditions of France’s national anthem La Marseillaise have echoed across the world since the events of Friday the 13th in Paris.  On that day, one of the worst terror attacks in recent memory occurred.  This attack was […]

New Discovery in King Tut’s Tomb

By AARON HILL In 1922, British archaeologist Howard Carter made a massive discovery that changed the field of Egyptology forever. He discovered the untouched tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, in layman’s terms “King Tut”, which had not been opened for thousands of years. A recent discovery has been made […]