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Editor’s Letter

By Alexis Chavez When most people think of Valentine’s Day they think of love and appreciation for one’s spouse, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend. When I think of Valentine’s day, I think of love for humanity. Especially during 2017 and one of the first acts that the President has […]

Column: You and I 

Whitewashing Is Not Just A Type of Paint BY MAYA SANCHEZ ​Marvel’s newest movie soared into theaters on Nov. 4 and like other Marvel movies, has been a commercial success. This is to be expected. By now the Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU for short, knows how to put […]

Column: Through My Eyes

Netflix Binging By SAVANNA PATINO With Thanksgiving Break coming, ‘Netflix Binging’ season is in full swing. Thanks to the full week of free time a lot of students will have, the upcoming break is the perfect time to start a new TV show (or a couple new ones). […]

Column: Just Speaking My Truth 

Scholarships Save Lives  By LAURYN BEST  ​ As the deadline for applying for colleges draws nearer, a high school senior such as myself has to start thinking about something equally important: How in the world am I going to pay for this degree? Some people are fortunate enough […]

Column: You and I

I am not a Costume  ​BY MAYA SANCHEZ The weather is getting colder — at least colder by California terms–, the food is getting sweeter, the houses are getting decorated. All this combined is the start of the most beloved time of the year: holiday season!  Halloween is […]

Column: Here’s the Thing

Rallies, Rules, and the Discrepancies Between Them BY DAVID MIKHAIL​ At the beginning of the school year, students got a student agenda handbook. The agendas provided by the school come in handy during several occasions and contain all the rules and guidelines. Among these are dance rules, which […]