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Melted crayon art

 ​ For the Creative Soul By: Katherine Snavely ​ Supplies: Box of Crayons A Canvas Hot glue gun Blow Dryer Newspapers for the wax to drip on Masking Tape (for adding a picture) Directions: Leave on or take off crayon wrappers and hot glue them to the top of […]

Be a Digital Artist for Free

For the Creative Soul By Katherine Snavely ArtRage is a Digital art program that makes your art look realistic when actually made digitally, you can download the sample for free. ArtRage is more for people who like painting there are many different paintbrushes and types of paint they […]

Column: Getting Help is OK

Health: Mental, Physical, and Emotional ​ By MADDIE CHUNG In our world today, the practice of tolerating and accepting others despite their physical appearance or racial or socioeconomic background has been widely promoted and encouraged.  However, this practice often fails to include one major aspect of life in […]

Following Your Dreams

Discover Beauty By ALYSSA OUILLETTE Living with the constant thoughts and struggles of being perfect is so overwhelming, and so not worth the time and exhausting effort that it brings upon us. There are so many more important aspects of life besides this, that us as individuals should […]

Different is Normal

Perspectives from a Positively Stressed Senior By Annie Delgado As a teenager these days, there is so much pressure on students in schools to “fit in.” On most High School campuses, you have the popular kids who are in ASB, and cheer, then you have the jocks, who […]

Adventures at Comic Con

For the Creative Soul By Katherine Snavely The 2015 Comic Con in Long Beach has come and gone and was full of artists, comics, and tons of actors and actresses. For example Doctor Who and Arrow actor John  Barrowman, along with star Chloe Bennet from Marvels Agents of […]

Loving Yourself

Discover Beauty By ALYSSA OUILLETTE Most teens these days seem to deal with the pressures of being perfect, having the perfect body, the perfect skin, the perfect hair, the perfect teeth, the list is never ending. As a teenager myself I have dealt with the same struggles of yearning […]