Category: Fiction & Poetry

Poem: “American Spirit”

By BRANDON SAGLAM “American Spirit” We all began after cell division,Eventually we would all gain our vision,So one day we could make our decisions,But that may be cut short by a gunman’s precision,The younger voice being silenced,But out and about are the unlicensed,Seemingly only an American issue,Seemingly deep […]

Blue and Orange

By W. PARKER LUITWIELER   Hello blue and orange looking down on me Only able to see The form of thee   With no eyes to judge And no hands to grope Looking up at the sky I desire more than hope   With a tooth in grin […]

A poem: Shoulders

By ZOË MYERS Shoulders Something magnificent catches my eye Glistening in the distance I am suddenly overwhelmed. Frozen. It consumes me I can no longer accumulate my thoughts. I am fixated on them. They are beautiful, fascinating Shoulders I come back to my senses How dare she expose […]