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Dealing with Life’s Detours

By MAGGIE SNAVELY  Life is filled with so many detours. As much as we wish things could always run smoothly, that is simply not the case. When you are constantly thrown twists and turns it is extremely difficult to stay motivated. There are some steps you can try […]

REV Staff Writer: Spencer Moore

Spencer Moore is a freshman at Redlands East Valley High School. He joined Ethic News in an effort to understand the world of journalism, and in hopes of polishing his own writing skills. In his free time, Spencer enjoys playing video-games with his friends and sharpening his piano […]

REV Staff Writer: Lily Shaw

Lily Shaw is starting her first year as a freshman at Redlands East Valley High School. She is going to be a staff writer for both Ethic and La Plaza and is coming from two years of experience as the Editor-in-Chief for the Moore Middle Schools yearbook. Shaw’s […]

CV Staff Writer: Hannah Patrick

Hannah Patrick is 17 years old and a senior at Citrus Valley High School. Her hobbies include drawing and painting. Her favorite subject in school science. Patrick’s favorite television shows are romantic animes. Her favorite foods are pizza, chicken nuggets, and macaroni and cheese. She is originally from […]

REV Staff Writer: Kendra Burdick

Kendra Burdick is a 13-year-old freshman attending Redlands East Valley High School. During her first year in digital journalism, she plans to write articles in the Arts & Entertainment section. She chose this class because she has been interested in writing since the 3rd grade. She was also […]

CV Staff Writer: Aiyanah Johnson

Aiyanah Johnson is a shy, goofy, introverted, and outgoing freshman at Citrus Valley High School and is currently 14 years old. Johnson has interests in playing her many sports, including softball, soccer, basketball, and swimming; and enjoys watching Netflix and listening to all types of music. Her favorite […]

REV Staff Writer: Emma Miller

Emma Miller is 15 years old and a sophomore at Redlands East Valley High School. She decided to take digital journalism because she is taking all honors and AP classes and wanted a fun activity to do. Miller has two siblings that also attended REV, a sister that […]

REV Staff Writer: Noah Amaro

Noah Amaro is senior at Redlands East Valley who is a new member to Ethic News. He joined in hopes of experiencing the opportunities and lessons that journalism has to offer as well as grow and develop his creative writing style. Born in Southern California, he adapted to […]

REV Staff Writer: Miyah Sanborn

Miyah Sanborn is a staff writer for Ethic News. She is freshmen attending Redlands East Valley High School. She is looking forward to the fun activities REV has to offer! She is living out her childhood dreams with being a member of Ethic News. Ever since elementary  school, […]

Features Editor: Miriam Yordanos

 Miriam Yordanos is a junior at Redlands East Valley, a third year member and Features editor at Ethic News. Miriam joined Ethic because of her passion for journalism, she enjoys interacting and interviewing people and loves to read and write. Miriam is an active member of her school’s […]

CV Staff Writer: Jasmine Rosales

Jasmine Rosales is a 14-year-old freshman at Citrus Valley High School who is partaking in her first year as a writer in Digital Journalism. Rosales´s  interest in journalism sparked when she learned that journalism is always changing and is always aware of what is going on in the […]

REV Staff Writer: Aileen Corpus

Aileen Janee “AJ” Corpus is a sophomore at Redlands East Valley High School. She is only 15 years old, yet has many hobbies and talents including longboarding, playing basketball and swimming, and playing instruments like guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, and ukulele. Although this is her first year of […]

Video Director: Bella Espinoza

Bella Espinoza is a junior at Citrus Valley High School. She is the Video Director for Ethic News and handles filming and editing for videos, which she enjoys. She started learning more about digital news in her video production class in 7th grade, and signed up for the […]

Self & Style Editor: Maggie Snavely

Maggie Snavely is a junior at Citrus Valley Highschool and has been part of Ethic for three years. Snavely is the Self and Style editor and helps produce articles that make others feel happy and comfortable with themselves. Being part of Ethic has allowed Snavely to be able […]

CV Staff Writer: Makayla Naime

Makayla Naime is currently a 13-year-old freshman at Citrus Valley High School. She joined Digital Journalism, because she enjoys writing and taking pictures. Outside of school, Naime has been doing gymnastics for seven years, Girl Scouts for nine years, and National Charity League, a volunteer organization, for three […]

REV Staff Writer: Daniela Mora

Daniela Mora, currently a 14-year-old freshman at Redlands East Valley High School, is a staff member for Ethic News. This is her first year in journalism; as she was accidentally placed in the class due to a misunderstanding however, after noticing the mistake she decided to stay to […]

REV Editor in Chief: Tatum Mapes

Tatum Mapes, a senior at Redlands East Valley, plays piano, ukulele and kalimba. Typically, she can be found in band, choir, running choir’s meme page, or working as Editor in Chief for Ethic News.  She teaches piano and is the student director for REV’s choral music program. Tatum […]

CV Staff Writer: Emily Prinstein

Emily Prinstein, 14, attends Citrus Valley high school, and is in the 9th grade. Before entering into high school she went to Richardson Prep. Emily was also born in Fontana on March 13. She really enjoys drawing and playing volleyball. She is most interested in photography and art […]

CV Staff Writer: Ethan Crabtree

Ethan Crabtree is a 17-year-old senior at Citrus Valley High School, and is starting his first year in Ethic News. He chose to join Ethic because of his interest in making videos and capturing exciting incidents on camera. He has been interested in video production since 2017, and […]

REV Staff Writer: Alexander Marquis

Alexander (Xander) Marquis is a sophomore at Redlands East Valley High school. He is currently involved in AVID and Cross Country in addition to journalism. His hobbies include painting miniatures and game design. He has six cats and two dogs, an amount he calls “too many.”  After High […]

Opinion: Why Digital Journalism?

Featured image is from the Digital Journalism Telepresence class in December 2019, celebrating Digital Journalism being approved as a course that fulfills the UC/Cal State A-G Fine Art requirement. (Ethic Photo) “I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world” – […]

Friday fight night: Death Metal

By AZRIEL OLMEDO Photo made using FlamingText, a logo design and name generator (Azriel Olmedo / Ethic News). Note: The main source of evidence for this edition will come directly from the “Dark Nights: Metal” comic book series, published by DC Comics. This edition uses descriptions that some […]