Blackhawks Welcome New Principal

By LAYLA ABBAS and BRANDON SAGLAM The departure of Citrus Valley’s former principal Mr. Cavanagh brought sadness to the students and staff who greatly respected him and all he has done for Citrus Valley. But with his departure, the school welcomed in a new principal, who is a spectacular addendum to Citrus Valley.  Her name is […]

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Seniors answer freshman questions

By LAYLA ABBAS and BRANDON SAGLAM The transition from middle school to high school is known to be the most daunting experience a young adult can face. A student is thrown into the high school life which is a gigantic and an overwhelming pill to swallow. Freshman: When is a good time to start AP classes? […]

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Summerfest Excites and Unites Students

Prior to the event, students from Citrus Valley were asked what they were most excited about Summerfest. Here is what they had to say: “ I’m looking forward to the tacos.” – Miguel Silva Jr., sophomore “Dancing and the jumpers.” –Patrick Boswell , senior “Seeing my friends from other schools.” -Cameron Puett, sophomore  “Dancing and the […]

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Experience and Goals Guide REV APs

By ANNIE DELGADO This is the third year for the three assistant principals at Redlands East Valley High School, and they are just as enthusiastic as when they first came to take on this job. Learning about the administrators, the REV student body can see that their administration really does care for their students, and […]

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Highs and Lows of the VMAs

By Jonas Poggi On August 30th, MTV aired their annual Video Music Awards, and as usual, the night was filled with startling accusations, revelations, and outfits. The show began with a joint performance of Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. Other musicians who performed throughout the course of the night were still slightly  relevant Justin Bieber, up and […]

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The Political Divide

By Jonas Poggi On August 6, Fox News aired what will be the first of twelve Republican Debates. The top ten polling candidates argued back and forth for over two hours in front of twenty-four million American viewers; these twenty-four million did not include Redlands East Valley teacher Ed Stark. Mr. Stark, a history teacher, […]

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