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Loving Yourself

Discover Beauty By ALYSSA OUILLETTE Most teens these days seem to deal with the pressures of being perfect, having the perfect body, the perfect skin, the perfect hair, the perfect teeth, the list is never ending. As a teenager myself I have dealt with the same struggles of yearning […]

Column: Managing stress and keeping focus

Health: Mental, Physical, and Emotional ​ By MADDIE CHUNG Challenging classes.  Tests.  Grades.  Class standing.  Overloaded activities.  Community service.  Volunteer work.  Jobs.  Leadership roles.  Transferring schools.  Changing schedules.  College applications.  High parental and personal expectations.  Negative thoughts and feelings.  Chronic illnesses.  Financial struggles.  Unsafe living environments.  Relationship issues. […]

Volleyball Phenom Enters Last Season

By Paul Villagrana For athletes, senior year is one of the most exciting times to experience, as they hope to earn their school titles, reputation, and much more. For Redlands East Valley’s Senior Volleyball Captain, Vashti Knight, all of these goals are expected to be achieved this year. […]