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News publication for high schools of Redlands Unified School District and the community.

Crossfit Creates Confidence

By Annie Delgado“Crossfit? Aren’t you worried about getting injured, or bulking up so much you look like a man?” This is one of the most common responses I get when people find out that I train at a local Crossfit gym. Crossfit is a program that focuses on […]

Melted crayon art

 ​ For the Creative Soul By: Katherine Snavely ​ Supplies: Box of Crayons A Canvas Hot glue gun Blow Dryer Newspapers for the wax to drip on Masking Tape (for adding a picture) Directions: Leave on or take off crayon wrappers and hot glue them to the top of […]

Breaking down “femi-nazi” term

By Madeline Thomson High School Girl: “Wow, Malala Yousafzai is really cool! She’s fighting for girls’ education—go feminism!” High School Boy: “So would you say you are a feminist?” High School Girl: “Of course! Aren’t you?” High School Boy: “Uh, no. So, are you a feminist, or a […]

Compact Club Plans for a Busy Season

By DOMINIC RIOS Redlands East Valley’s Compact club is a service club that offers students the chance to get involved in their community. Saumya Goyal, president of compact club for REV, describes the club as this, “Compact club is a business integration club that aims to integrate young […]