Blackhawk Theater Company presents 2023 musical “Mamma Mia”


“Mamma Mia” flyer posted around campus, promoting showings and ticket prices (Jasmine Rosales/ Ethic News Photo)

Citrus Valley’s Blackhawk Theatre Company presents their spring musical, “Mamma Mia”. The long awaited play will be showing two weeks back to back on Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm. The play will include melodies from the movie with songs such as “Voulez-Vous”, “Mamma Mia”, “Honey, Honey” and more from ABBA.

CV’s cast goes all out to provide an unforgettable experience to the audience. Starting from the top, following the movie beginning, portraying the role of Sophie, Chloe Cousineau recreates the opening scene by mailing out the three letters to her three potential dads. Following the opener, the cast breaks out into song singing “Honey, Honey” by ABBA. Working hand in hand, the actors and the band work together to recreate the melodies of ABBA to bring the full “Mamma Mia” experience to the stage, led by Austin Meiners, the band director.

Providing much laughter to the crowd, Junior at CV, Noormariam Essa said “the set was beautiful and everyone played their characters very well. I loved everything about it”. All scenes had their own twist but still following the storyline from the movie. Various scenes made specifically to tell the story including other characters’ perspectives. 

Sophomore Amber Sibbett, who portrayed the role of Sophie’s best friend, Ali, shares “Mamma Mia was an amazing experience. The cast and crew felt like family and it’s hard to see the seniors leave. I remember going to the very first rehearsal in the choir room, and then seeing everyone right before our closing performance in the choir room and realizing how much time had slipped through our fingers. In parting, all I can say is ‘Thank you for the music!’”

With the play coming to an end, all cast members working hard and enjoying themselves at the same time close out the story. Followed by a big round of applause, the stage lights slowly dim until the theater is dark. Welcoming the cast back onto the stage in groups, each group takes a bow and gives out recognition to the staff in the box, the band beside the stage, and to the audience, the cast gives a bow before performing their final song “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.  

Cast of “Mamma Mia” pointed out to the staff in the lighting room to give recognition, concluding the play. (Jasmine Rosales/ Ethic News Photo)

The Blackhawks take a creative take on the beloved movie “Mamma Mia”, bringing an enjoyable performance right in the comfort of citrus valley’s blackhawk theater welcoming all ages.

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