Redlands reintroduces Thursday market night as Saturday market mornings


Poster made for the new reinvented Saturday morning market. (Elizabeth Molloy /ETHIC NEWS ART)

Working to bring all aspects of the community back, Redlands beloved Thursday Market Night is brought back. As of Mar. 4, 2023, Redlands reintroduced Market Night as Saturday morning’s market. The morning market will be operating 8 a.m – 12 p.m in the afternoon, located along East State Street between Orange and Seven street. The market will be open throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons with up to a variety of 80 vendors. 

The long awaited reopen of market night was discussed in the May meeting with the Parks and Recreation Commission. The subcommittee brought up the reopening of Market Night with new rules and modifications for both the vendors and the community as a whole. Re-introducing Market Night as Downtown’s Morning Market rather than Thursday Market Night was to better complement the downtown businesses and work with available staff. In addition to the Saturday Market, downtown businesses and communities are familiar with the existing operations. The market leads to reformatting policies and guidelines to include higher quality merchandise or artsy products for customers.

Vendors posted up in downtown redlands selling to buyers (Photo Courtesy / Sierra Mason)

Sierra Mason, a junior at Redlands High School visited the Morning Market the day of reopening, “It was awesome to see the community come together again like that, since the pandemic shut everything down community events never really healed, and I’m really excited that we are starting to bring them back! There were so many people and small businesses, and it was great getting to see everyone support each other.”

People crossing the street making their way to other vendors to browse at selections (Photo Courtesy / Sierra Mason)

In reintroducing market night as saturday morning market, the community rejoices together like times before the pandemic.

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