Kansas City Chiefs take home Super Bowl LVII win 


Super Bowl LVII was held for the first time in Arizona Cardinals’ stadium on Sunday Feb.12, 2023. (NFL.com)

Super Bowl LVII took place on Sunday Feb. 12, 2023 at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles faced off resulting in the Chiefs bringing home a victory with a close score of 38-35. 

The game started out with an Eagles touchdown nearly five minutes into the quarter with the extra point, and the Eagles leading 7-0. However the lead did not last long as the Chiefs scored a touchdown almost immediately after the Eagles, tying the score. With 4:25 remaining in the first quarter, the Eagles punted the ball back to the Chiefs after a fourth down and failed to meet field goal range. In a minute, the Chiefs managed to get into field goal range at 3:15 and kicked at 2:28. The kick was not good, leaving the score 7-7 by the end of the quarter.

The Eagles had the ball by the time the second quarter began, being at the 42 yard line after an offside penalty to the Chiefs. At 14:52, the Eagles scored a touchdown with the extra point, now leading by seven points. The Chiefs took the ball on their 20-yard line afterwards and soon had to punt back to the Eagles at 13:29. Fortunately for the Chiefs, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts fumbled the ball at 9:53, resulting in Chiefs’ linebacker Nick Bolton recovering the ball and scoring a touchdown soon after, tying the score once again. 

At 5:18 in the quarter, the Eagles made the decision to go forward on fourth down, where Hurts ran nearly 20 yards to secure the first down. Two minutes later, the Eagles made the same decision once again on 4th-and-2 after the Chiefs were flagged and penalized for offsides. It resulted in an automatic first down for the Eagles who were now five yards closer to the goal. 20 seconds later, Hurts scored a touchdown, now making the score 21-14. At 1:33 remaining in the first half, Eagles linebacker T.J. Edwards sacked Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, putting intense pressure on his already high-sprained ankle from the first playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Mahomes was seen limping off the field to be treated at the sidelines while the ball was punted back to the Eagles, who would later score a three-point field goal and end the first half with a score of 24-14.

The third quarter started off with the Chiefs playing offense. Five minutes into the quarter, the Eagles defense had allowed the Chiefs to travel 75 yards in ten plays, ending with a 1-yard touchdown by running back Isiah Pacheco. The score difference at this point in the game was now the missed field goal attempt by Chiefs’ kicker Harrison Butker in the first quarter.

On the Eagles’ first play of the third quarter, Hurts gave the ball to running back Miles Sanders, who was immediately hit by Chiefs’ cornerback L’Jarius Sneed. The referees allowed the play to continue as the ball came loose, which allowed Bolton to recover it and run for 24 yards to the endzone which was called a touchdown on the field. The replay official overturned the call afterwards. At 1:45 remaining in the quarter, Eagles kicker Jake Elliot made the score 27-21 with a 33-yard field goal, ending the quarter.

The Chiefs started off the last quarter and quickly made a touchdown, making the score 28-27. The ball was kicked off to the Eagles who did not manage to make it to field goal range, so it was abruptly punted back to the Chiefs when there was 10:30 remaining in the game. At 9:22, Chiefs wide receiver Skyy Moore scored a touchdown, updating the score to 35-27. The ball was kicked off once again to the Eagles. At 5:15 remaining, they scored a touchdown and instead of a field goal, decided to rush for two points to tie up the score. Their attempt would be in vain later, as the Chiefs kicked a field goal at 0:08 to win the game, 38-35.  

The two teams made for an entertaining game and made many fans throughout the world very happy. The Chiefs now have three Super Bowl wins accumulated throughout their time as an NFL team.

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