Multi-school dance Genesis unites high school students for a night of fun


Genesis, a school dance hosted on the Yucaipa Performing Arts Center property, invited high school students from Orangewood, Grove, Citrus Valley, Redlands High, and Redlands East Valley High for a fun night on Feb. 10.

This event lasted from 7-11 p.m. and offered an array of entertainment ranging from a maze, a video game truck, concession stands, outdoor photo booths, and a DJ with a large outdoor space allocated for dancing. Inside the YPAC building were virtual reality stations, a stage for karaoke, a nacho bar, and various other game tables.

RHS junior Andrew Winter says, “The karaoke was the best part. Singing with friends and a cheering audience was amazing.”

Eva Valtierrez a REV senior says, “It was very entertaining and fun. A good chance to reconnect with old friends.”

Citrus Valley junior Kylie McCue says, “I think that it went really well with all the schools. All of the games made it really inclusive and always made it so there was something to do for everyone, but I ended up in the karaoke room a lot because it was really fun.”

An RHS sophomore Tristan Eubanks says, “Doing karaoke with my friends was the highlight of my night. The snacks were great.”

An overview of the outdoor concession stands, photo booths, and the crowd can be seen here. (ALEX VERDUZCO/Ethic News photo)

The Yucaipa Performing Arts Center illuminated by lights with the Genesis color scheme welcomes in high school students by the designated Redlands High School entrance on Feb. 10, 2023 in Yucaipa, California. (ALEX VERDUZCO/Ethic News photo)

A sign of the dance greets students walking by the stage on Feb. 10, 2023. (SPENCER MOORE/Ethic News photo)

Purple and blue lights surround the main stage highlighting the crowd and area for dancing. (ALEX VERDUZCO/Ethic News photo)

The main stage is illuminated by blue lights while the DJ entertains the lively crowd with popular songs and remixes. (SPENCER MOORE/Ethic News photo)

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