Mexico National soccer team hires new head coach


The Mexico National soccer team hired a new head coach after  Gerado Martino’s contract ended and his poor showing at the 2022 World Cup.

Martino is referred to as the head coach that possibly delivered Mexico’s poorest performance at a World Cup.

This performance made them not pass the group stage since 1978 which only had two goals within the three games. 

“We competed well in the group stage matches, but we did not reach our level in the first two years, but we did improve in the last one,”  Martino said in an interview after the World Cup.

After Martino’s failed performance and ended contract, new head coach Diego Cocca was hired on Feb. 10 after his position of Tigres UANL manager. Cocca’s contract is until 2026.

Mexican soccer coach Miguel Herrera known, as Piojo by Mexican soccer fans, and Uruguayan soccer coach Guillermo Almada, were fighting for the position of head coach soon having the place taken by Cocca.

Many social media users express concerns about Cocca’s work even when working in Liga MX. With Cocca being Argentinian some people do not trust his work due to ex-head coach Martino.

Fans are hoping that Cocca might call back Javier Hernandez, known as Chicharito, after Hernandez was not called up in the 2022 World Cup after being the top scorer in the selection. Fans also, hope to see Carlos Vela, after Vela not wanting to be called up.

In Cocca’s words in a video interview on TUDN USA on YouTube, “I want players who wear the country’s jersey, who sing the anthem and feel proud and feel proud to be where they are at.”

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