Photos: Citrus Valley hosts spirit week leading up to ‘Genesis’


Citrus Valley High School hosted spirit week Feb. 6 to 10 leading up to the Genesis dance. 

Genesis is a dance that happens annually where all three high schools can participate in its festivities. Themes for this spirit week include, “School Swap Day,” “Zoom Day,” “Shades Day,” “Favorite Teacher Day,” and “Color War.” 


Monday’s theme was “School Swap.” Students of Citrus Valley had to dress up in the other district high school’s merchandise or school colors.

Juniors Jonathan Ontiveros and Finnian Fry posing with each other while wearing different Redlands Unified School District school colors. (Monique Varela/Ethic News)

Freshman students, Isabella Amodor, Isaiah Stockon, Julian Dolgado, Ryan Monterio, Gunnar Ochoa, Audrianna Reveles, pose together sporting Redlands East Valley High, Orangewood and Redlands High School merchandise. (Monique Varela/Ethic News)

Isabella Amodor, a freshman at Citrus Valley, wore a Redlands East Valley High hoodie for Monday’s spirit day, “School Swap.” (Monique Varela/Ethic News)


The theme Tuesday had was “Zoom day.” COVID had impacted all students who then had to go online due to safety. On “Zoom day”, students had to wear something formal on top while their bottoms were pajamas.

Sophomore Zane Palacios is wearing plaid pajama bottoms and a button up shirt for Tuesday’s Spirit day. (Marshall Scott/Ethic News)

Lizzette Contreras, a sophomore at Citrus Valley is wearing Heart pajama pants with a tie for “Zoom Day.” (Marshall Scott/Ethic News)

Freshman Evelin Gallardo-Diaz is wearing polar bear skiing pajama pants and a classy dress shirt on top. (Marshall Scott/Ethic News)


On Wednesday it was “Shades day”, where students needed to wear their favorite pair of sunglasses.

Freshman students, Bronix Aiono, Makayla Washington, Tyler Bookman, Noah Vaiaoga all pose together while wearing shades in honor of “Shades day” (Marshall Scott/Ethic News).

Makayla Washington, a ninth grader, wears her favorite pair of shades for Thursday’s spirit week (Marshall Scott/Ethic News).

Bronix Aiono holds his hoodie up while showing off his favorite sunglasses for the Genesis spirit week (Marshall Scott/Ethic News).


Thurday’s spirit day was “Favorite Teacher day”, on this day students needed to dress up as their favorite teacher.

Sophomore Abigail Landa dresses up as freshman English teacher Stephen Howard for “Dress as your favorite teacher day”. (Monique Varela/Ethic News).

Sophomore Tim Obillo holds a clipboard pretending to be Amber Tygart, a PE teacher for Thursday’s spirit day. (Monique Varela/ Ethic News).

Freshman Chloe Malloy dresses up as Kate Fonken-Stoker and poses next to each other in honor of “Dress as your favorite teacher day”. (Monique Varela/Ethic News).


The spirit-week for Friday was “Color War”, students needed to wear their assigned color based on their grade. The freshman’s assigned color was black, sophomores color was blue, juniors were to wear purple, and seniors were pink.

Olivia Wortley wears blue for their sophomore color on Friday’s spirit week “Color Wars day” (Marshall Scott/Ethic News).

Sophomore, AJ Roderos is wearing a blue Adidas shirt for “color war” day. (Monique Varela/Ethic News)

Sophomore Journey Parrott is wearing a blue collared shirt showing what grade level she’s in. (Marshall Scott/Ethic News)

Freshmen, Alyssa Camacho, Kylie White, and Julia Pollard wear black showing their color pride Sophomore student Danica Tometich wears blue to show her sophomore color. Junior, Brooklyn Sandoval wears purple as her class color. (Marshall Scott/Ethic News)

This spirit week would be the last Genesis themed spirit week for the sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Genesis spirit week was very exciting for some of these specific individuals and was a definite success.

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