Citrus Valley Counselors encourage spreading love with Kindness Week


A random act of kindness card handed out during Kindness Week at Citrus Valley High School with the words “text a friend that you are happy to see them today” (MIA CALIVA/ Ethic News Photo).

The week of Feb. 6, 2023, Citrus Valley High School enters the new month on a note of love and kindness. 

Perhaps in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and Counselor Appreciation Week counselors at CVHS take the extra step to spend a week encouraging kindness in students. 

CV counselors introduced “Kindness Week” to students on Monday morning by passing out cards with random acts of kindness on them. Students are meant to complete the random act and pass it on to a friend for them to complete as well. 

These colorful cards included “text your friend that you are happy to see them today” and “hold the door open for someone and say hi” as well as many others.  

On Tuesday, counselors walked around campus handing out candy to students who completed their random act of kindness. 

On Wednesday, posters were put up all around campus asking students to sign if they “pledge to be together against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion”. The posters were filled with signatures and posted on CV’s office doors as a reminder to practice kindness. 

A poster that reads “pledge to be together against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion” filled with several student signatures at Citrus Valley High School (MIA CALIVA/ Ethic News Photo). 

On Friday, students expressed their appreciation for their counselors, in theme for Counselor Appreciation Week, by answering one fun fact about their counselor and were rewarded with a piece of candy. 

Inspired by National Bullying Prevention Day which happened in January, Citrus Valley counselor Helga Reese organized Kindness Week with the other counselors. 

Reese says she “realized [kindness] is something we need to bring more attention to” on campus. 

Reese reminds us of the importance of kindness when she says “kindness is a small thing, that still does take a little effort, but it can really change your day.”

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