Review: Overwatch 2 season, Lunar New Year, Year of the Rabbit


Overwatch has come back for a newest game sequel, Overwatch 2 in October of 2022.

This time it’s free on Switch, PlayStation, XBox and PC in a first person shooter game that has exploded in popularity since Overwatch’s downfall in the years before. Thad had game lost its popularity but they are back and better than ever.

Their newest characters are Junker Queen. A seven foot tall woman with the power of an army and a tank. She is the queen of junker town in the Australian outback. She earned her title as queen after winning the reckoning against two other junkers and the junker king of 14 years ago. They had kicked her family out to the wastelands where she was a wastelander until she was 17.

She wields a powerful shotgun that can kill omnics in one shot. The junkers being omnic dislikers is a big part of junkers but she also has a jagged blade she throws at enemies to pull them closer for the final blow. Next is her axe named carnage that can deal a lot of damage if hit properly and can damage enemies even after the hit and last but not least her ultimate, commanding shout. She yells “Time for the reckoning” and if it’s in her new Zeus skin from battle of Olympus she would say, “Time for a thunderstorm”.

Next is Kirko, a Japanese girl from Japan who follows the way of the fox spirit of her family called the Kitsune. She was childhood friends with the Shimada brothers, Genji Shimada and Hanzo Shimada, and sword trained with them when she was younger. But her role is a support, she heals with her suzu and ofuda to keep her team alive. She can do a swift step to her teammates who are losing health fast.

Next is Sojourn who is a Canadian whose body is almost all prosthetics because she has a body mutation where her body couldn’t keep up with her so she replaced her body with mesh to keep her going. She uses a rail gun and it’s pretty powerful and with a laser to one shot enemies and even rocket legs to help her slide across the ground and super jump.

And last is Ramattra, an omnic from the omnic war robots that was used in the old omnic war. He had seen his brothers die and be beaten by the humans so he turned on the humans to start another war against the humans and he is now a war machine. He is pretty powerful in game. He is a tank and is from Nepal and used to be a monk. He uses his weapon called void accelerator, he has a void barrier and his nemesis form called pummel where he grows a pair of big arms and can beat enemies to pieces.

Now for the lunar new years event that is going on now includes a skin, which is echos kkachi skin, the year of the rabbit icon and banner and spray, a hongbao souvenir and a lucky pouch as a weapon charm as the cosmetics for the event. There are game modes for this event as well, bounty hunter where it’s a deathmatch and whoever gets the most points and kills wins and gets the bounty which people will target you to get that bounty.

Next is capture the flag, where there are two teams of five and both have to capture the other team’s flag four times to win the game. Rules are no running with the flag or you will drop it. To capture the flag competitively you have to get the flag six times to win which is a little harder. There are the old lunar new year skins in the shop like dvas, pharahs, cassidys and mercys all for 1900 credits. Also meis new lunar new year skin which is her normal skin with a now hat added with bunny ears and some charms for the year of the rabbit.

In all the Year of the Rabbit for Lunar New Year event, Overwatch 2 is a great event and the challenges for the cosmetics are fun and a great way to get your skills up. This event was a fun one and hopefully the next is just as fun and with new skins and more cosmetics and tons of new stuff for new and old Overwatch fans and players. 

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