Citrus Valley’s Brings “Throwback” Spirit Week


Citrus Valley’s first spirit week of Jan. 17-20 2023 consisted of the student body’s favorite spirit weeks from previous years. The spirit days were leading up to the rally of the 2023 year. The Associated Study Body (ASB) of Citrus Valley brought back “Anything but a backpack,” “Barbecue dads versus Soccer Moms,” “White Lies,” and “2000’s day.”


Tuesday’s theme was “Anything but a backpack.” Students were to bring items that could hold their school supplies that was ‘anything but a backpack’.  

Image 1: Freshman Iris Price holds a store bag with her school supplies for ‘Anything but a Backpack’ day. (Marshall Scott/ Ethic News Photo)

Image 2: Sophomore Taylor Baumann poses with a suitcase for spirit day. (Marshall Scott/ Ethics News Photo)

Image 3: Freshman Alexander Carreon holds a child’s Lightning McQueen ride-on for spirit week. (Marshall Scott/ Ethic News Photo)


The theme for Wednesday was “BBQ dads vs Soccer Moms.” Students had to dress as their interpretations of what Barbeque dads and Soccer moms meant.

Image 1: Madison Sauerbrun, a freshman at CV poses as a ‘soccer mom’ for spirit-week. (Marshall Scott/ Ethic News Photo)

Image 2: Micheal Carballo, a Freshman, dresses as a barbecue dad for CV’s ‘Throwback’ spirit-week. (Marshall Scott/Ethic News Photo).

Elliot Anderson, a Math teacher at CV dresses as a barbecue dad with his big smile for Wednesday’s ‘BBQ Dads vs Soccer Moms.’ (Marshall Scott/ Ethic News Photo).


The theme students had to follow for Thursday was “White Lies or Wear White.” Students had to write untrue statements on white shirts/papers/paper plates and wear them around campus. 

Image 1: Freshman, Monserrat Barrera, poses with her white lie ‘I am 6′ 1’ for spirit-week. (Marshall Scott/ Ethic News Photo)

Image 2: Juniors, Riley Houser and Julian Ramos wear white for Thursday’s ‘White Lies’ spirit-week. (Marshall Scott/ Ethic News Photo)

Image 3: Martin Lopez, a Junior, wore a shirt saying “School security can catch me.” for “White Lies” spirit day. (Marshall Scott/ Ethic News Photo)


The last day of Spirit week went back in time as students dressed up in 2000’s clothing trends. The official theme being “2000’s day or wear black and gold.” Students had the choice of wearing CV gear or 2000’s clothing. 

Image 1: Junior Jazz Daughtrey poses in her Britney Spears inspired 2000’s outfit. (Monique Valera/Ethic News Photo)

Image 2: Sophomores Abigail Landa, Mackayla Herrera, and Amaya Pantaleon pose with Junior Leila Clemons in their CV and black and gold attire. (Monique Valera/Ethic News Photo)

Image 3: Sophomores Todd Hessell and Elise pose together wearing 2000’s wear for Friday’s “2000’s day” theme. (Monique Varela/Ethic News Photo)

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