Photos: Hot Topic opens in Mountain Grove shopping center


Upon entering, to the left is a display of outfits showing what can be put together based on what the store offers. The third mannequin has on a shirt from the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, and its season three character, Eddie Munson’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign long sleeved tee shirt. (ALEX VERDUZCO/ Ethic News photo)

One of the newest locations of the popular retailer Hot Topic has launched and officially opened during the week of Nov. 18. This Hot Topic is located in Redlands in the Mountain Grove shopping center near popular retailers such as Tilly’s, Ulta and GAP. On the other side are restaurants like Mod Pizza, Chipotle and Waba Grill. With this new addition, it is expected to add to the teenage audience and broaden the selection of stores available in the shopping center. 

In the first photo, a display case shows merchandise highlighting the Kirby character from a video game company, Nintendo. On the left a selection of shirts can be seen. Featured on their right is a little bit of their Funko Pop collectible toys that are for sale. In the second photo, a different view of the shirt selection offered at Hot Topic is shown. This specific angle features television shows, movies and characters.(ALEX VERDUZCO/ Ethic News photo)

Giavonna Galloway, a Redlands East Valley sophomore says, “I am intrigued but I’m not really excited because I don’t normally like what they sell. I’m probably going to check it out anyway because I like some of the jewelry.”

The Redlands Hot Topic location offers a replica of the Byers’ home from season one of Netflix original, Stranger Things. In this scene, Joyce Byers hangs up Christmas lights on her living room wall to communicate with her son.

(ALEX VERDUZCO/ Ethic News photo)

REV senior Eva Valtierrez says, “I think the new Hot Topic is a really cool place to shop at and it has a lot of merchandise that I really enjoy liking and purchasing. I admire the amount of accessories I’m interested in and I like that they sell little elements from my favorite movies, tv shows and bands.”

This section of Hot Topic houses a display case of horror movie merchandise such as, Halloween, that stands in front of the character tee shirts, Kirby display, and selection of Funko Pop collectibles. (ALEX VERDUZCO/ Ethic News photo)

REV junior, Brittany Arreola adds, “I like that they cater to niche interests.”

Kelly Welch, REV senior, says,  “I think Hot Topic and their fanbase have shifted a lot from the 2010’s. I used to shop there religiously, but it still holds a special place in my heart.”

Hot Topic carries apparel as well as accessories such as keychains, blankets and bags ranging from Loungefly character backpacks to totebags and more. Along with the array of shirts, there is an assortment of sweaters and hoodies with character and brand merchandise.

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