Creeping into Halloween at Universal


The month of horror has arrived early at Universal Studios Hollywood. Halloween Horror Nights debuted on Sept. 8 and is ongoing until Oct. 31. With two months of horror, people look forward to getting jump scared with all the new attractions this Halloween. 

Known for their movie productions and CGI effects, horror nights at Universal have been claimed by customers to be scary and really spot on. Separated from the daily park hours, horror night is held exclusively from seven at night till two in the morning. Across the entire park, there are a total seven haunted houses/mazes, a total of three scare zones located throughout the park, and a spooky take on the tour tram on the lower lot, now vamped up for halloween called the “terror tram”. 

Universal staff dressed up on stilts standing taller than the crowd, runs down the entrance path to scare guests walking into the park. (JASMINE ROSALES/ETHIC NEWS)

The mazes were grouped up by two’s and three’s on the lower and upper lot. Down on the lower lot you would find the Killer Klowns From Outer Space maze located to the right of the Transformers ride. To the left of that would be The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare maze. Located on the upper lot near the entrance and middle of the park, the entrance to The Horrors of Blumhouse maze by the Kung Fu Panda ride, Universal Horror Hotel and the long awaited La Llorona: The Weeping Woman maze. Going through Harry Potter land, guests will find the last two mezes on the map, the Halloween maze and Scare: The Reaping. 

Shown above, the map helps locate and visualize where each horror attraction and ride attraction stands in the park, including food and restroom areas. (JASMINE ROSALES/ETHIC NEWS)

The three scare zones are all located on the upper lot. The three zones all have cast members walking around to scare guests and keep everyone entertained outside of the main attractions, and keeping guests on their toes for what’s to come next. 

Apart from the halloween attractions at Universal Horror Nights, all rides were open for most of the night with some closing earlier. Located in the Fear Factor Stage, there is a live show featuring the famous dance crew, the Jabbawockeez.

Universal Horror nights includes a 30 minute performance from the well known and talented dance group, the Jabbawockeez shown in the park. (JASMINE ROSALES/ETHIC NEWS)

Universal Studios is sure to have many sold out nights because of how popular their horror nights event is, attracting all horror enthusiasts and guests who get a kick out of getting scared and halloween are sure to be impressed. 

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