Queen Elizabeth II’s reign comes to an end


Former England ruler Queen Elizabeth II died on Sep. 8 at the age of 96.  The announcement was made to the public a few hours after her death by Buckingham Palace, Scotland. According to the palace, she had died peacefully at Balmoral Castle earlier that afternoon from natural causes after being bed sick just a few days earlier. The queen’s eldest son, Charles Windsor, acceded the throne that same day becoming King Charles III of England. 

Illustration of Queen Elizabeth’s II crown (Nadia Ceniceros/Ethic News Photo)

Queen Elizabeth II was born Apr. 21, 1926 and became queen of England Feb. 6, 1952 at the age of 27 until her death this year. Queen Elizabeth II reigned for over 70 years, becoming the longest serving British monarch in history. Just a year before in April of 2021, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, passed away due to his age.

Her funeral was held on Sept. 19, twelve days after her death for operation “London Bridge is Down”. The operation is a plan that once the queen passes, there would be an announcement of her death by Buckingham Palace, ten days for the people of Britain to mourn her death, and her funeral.

The funeral was held in the late morning. Members of the Royal family, such as her children and all of her grandchildren, attended the funeral. United States President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden attended the funeral along with many more countries’ royals and presidents. 

Many people said their last goodbyes to the queen and honored her and what she did for England and her people. During the funeral, her casket was carried by the courtage twenty-eight miles from London to Windsor in a car and was carried out by guards with her crown resting on top to get as many people to gather and say their final goodbyes.

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