CV Staff Writer: Mia Caliva (She/Her)

Mia Caliva is a 15 year old Junior at Citrus Valley High School. She is part of CV’s water polo team, plays club soccer outside of school and is a staff writer for Ethic News. After her high school career, Caliva dreams of attending UC Irvine and majoring in pre-med. In her free time, Caliva likes to draw and read. Her favorite genres of books are typically fiction, fantasy or romance. This year she is taking Math III H, AP U.S History, AP Lang and AP Chem. In Caliva’s journalism career she really enjoys writing in STEM and A&E. Caliva joined journalism because she likes reading, writing and storytelling. Throughout the 2022-23 school year, she plans on improving study habits, improving her time management skills and to get good grades.

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