CV Staff Writer: Annette Alfaro (She/Her)

Annette Alfaro, a 17-year-old senior at Citrus Valley High School and a staff member in Ethic News. She likes to read and play instruments. She plays the piccolo, piano and clarinet. At Citrus she participates in cross country, soccer and track. She joined journalism because she wanted to try something new and improve her writing skills.  In journalism, she hopes to write in arts and entertainment and sports. Her plans after attending Citrus is to take a year off schooling to travel abroad, then attend college. During her college years, she wants to major in Criminology. When she finishes college, her dream job is to become an FBI agent. What motives Alfaro to continue on are her parents. Alfaros favorite holiday is Christmas. Alfaro is bilingual, as she can speak spanish and english. At home, Alfaro has four dogs, two turtles and two pigs.

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