Redlands East Valley High School’s Executive Cabinet election begins


The Associated Student Body at Redlands East Valley High School is organizing its annual Executive Cabinet election for the incoming class of 2023 Seniors. The election ballot will become open on a Google Form on Feb. 9, with two candidates for three positions such as president, vice-president, and secretary with treasurer having no challenger for the position. Voting ends on Feb. 11.

An image depicting a person casting a vote in an election. (MAURICIO PLIEGO/Ethic News image)

Candidates for President

Marin Mohr

Marin Mohr is a current junior and candidate for the Executive President position. She has worked the last three years as class president and is saddened that this will be her last year campaigning but is hopeful for what the future may hold.

Marin Mohr, a junior, works in hopes to maintain her place as class president of the Class of 2023. (MAURICIO PLIEGO/Ethic News photo)

Marin Mohr is a current junior and candidate for the Executive President position. She has worked the last three years as class president and is saddened that this will be her last year campaigning but is hopeful for what the future may hold.

She has been involved in Cheer for three years and is an honors student. Mohr plans to attend a four-year college.

Mohr describes herself as a dedicated, compassionate and ambitious person. She loves being with friends, going to the beach and listening to music. She prefers to spend her free time with loved ones and traveling. 

Mohr says, “I love REV’s inclusivity, school spirit, teachers, staff and all the positivity.”

If she is elected, she plans to continue her goals for the Class of 2023 as well as setting an example for the classes to follow.

Mohr says, “I have many fun ideas for school activities coming up and want to create the best possible senior year.”

Brooklynn Rios

Currently, junior Brooklynn Rios is a candidate for the Executive President position for the incoming school year. She is an involved student on campus as she is currently the Vice-president for Compact Club and Helping Hands, a member of the varsity Song Cheer, Track and Field, National Honors Society and the California Scholarship Federation.

Brooklynn Rios, a junior, hopes to become each “student’s biggest advocate” when she becomes Executive President.(MAURICIO PLIEGO/Ethic News photo)

Rios describes herself as self-motivated, creative and organized. She loves Italian food, the color pink and blasting music in the car. She prefers to use her free time with friends, go to the gym, play games with her family and watch Netflix. 

She plans to attend Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California and study business marketing. 

Rios loves the atmosphere at REV and the dedication of the students.  

She says, “Students work their absolute hardest to achieve their goals and they are always striving for the next best thing.”

If she is elected, she plans to bring Summer Fest back because she believes that it is important to continue making memories in high school. Rios would like to bring more recognition to students in performing arts, band, sports and choir. 

Rios says, “I feel our students do such amazing work, and all groups on campus deserve equal recognition.”

Candidates for Vice-President

Max Cannon

Max Cannon is a junior at REV who would consider himself observant, ambitious and driven. He loves country music, shoes, sushi and prefers using his free time with friends and playing video games. 

Max Cannon, a junior, hopes to maintain his position as Vice-president as he is being challenged for the spot by Ryder Freeman.(MAURICIO PLIEGO/Ethic News photo)

Cannon is involved in varsity swimming, NHS, CSF, and Key Club and has been Vice-President for three consecutive years and hopes to gain a fourth.

He hopes to attend Brigham Young University and gain a Ph.D. in American History.

He says, “I did an Eagle Scout Project here by fixing and painting the Blackstone theater.”

Cannon loves the atmosphere that REV promotes and supports and believes that many of his teachers have had a lasting impact on him. He has enjoyed the Litterbox for both basketball and football games as it truly showed how energized the student body is.

He hopes to keep doing the work he has done the last three years and to incorporate the REVWAY into the campus.

Ryder Freeman

Ryder Freeman is a current junior at REV who would describe himself as communicative, a perfectionist and open-minded. He loves animals, being helpful and doing anything related to ASB.

Ryder Freeman, a junior, challenges Max Cannon for the Vice-President position in hopes to change the ASB System. (DANIELA MORA/Ethic News photo)

He says, “I find that I’m happiest and most productive when doing stuff that doesn’t only serve myself.”

In Freeman’s free time, he prefers to play games, spend time with his pets and be on his phone. Besides ASB, he has small involvement in Wildcats For Change.

After he graduates, he plans to spend a year helping and working for some of the teachers at REV and continue ASB, and hopefully attend college afterward. 

If he is elected Executive Vice-President, he would like to address them and hopefully amend the toxicity in the class.

Freeman says, “I feel that a lot of opinions and different backgrounds are invalidated in it and I want to try and make it a class that is as welcoming as it can be.”

He hopes to become a mentor for any incoming new members of the class.

Candidates for Secretary

Morgan Dawson

As part of the graduating Class of 2023, Morgan Dawson has been secretary for two years and part of ASB for four years by the end of her senior year.

Morgan Dawson, a junior, is the current Secretary for the class of 2023 and has maintained that position for two consecutive years and hopes to finish high school with a third.(MAURICIO PLIEGO/Ethic News photo)

Dawson describes herself as positive, loving and meticulous. She feels that these are the qualities that leaders at REV should have. She loves soccer, the color pink and Açai Bowls. She spends her free time playing soccer, going to the beach with friends and driving around listening to music. 

She is currently part of the varsity soccer team and she hopes to attend a four-year college and live somewhere on the coast. 

Dawson says, “I love the environment of being at the beach and hope to someday live there and continue to grow as a person by getting to experience the joys of college.”

She loves the environment at REV as she feels loved and welcomed by everyone and feels that the school has given her a good foundation to enjoy her years in high school

If Dawson wins, she hopes she will be able to help lead the school in a very loving and uplifting way. She loves helping others and showing them what ASB truly stands for. 

She says, “I have enjoyed the things I have done to prepare for the position of Executive Secretary over the years and hope to lead the school in a positive way.”

Faith Morales

Faith Morales, a junior at REV, describes herself as outgoing, compassionate, and creative and loves Italian food, comedy movies and her family and friends.

Faith Morales hopes to contribute to the Class of 2023 through the Secretary Position.(MAURICIO PLIEGO/Ethic News photo)

She is an involved student by being involved in Link Crew, Founder and President of Investment Club, cross country and basketball. Morales is a member of Key Club, Compact Club and Christian Club.

In her free time, she loves playing the guitar, listening to chill R&B music, spending time with friends, and being outdoors such as skateboarding, hiking, and running. 

Morales says, “I hope to go to a four-year university, get a bachelor’s in kinesiology and travel across the globe helping third-world countries by being a teacher and occupational therapist.”

She has plenty of leadership experience as she has helped manage family business accounts on both Facebook and Instagram. Morales has created various websites and social platforms to market businesses and has interned in Marketing Communications with her father for three years. 

Morales says, “I also have great time management skills from doing ASB, taking all AP classes, working part-time and volunteering at church 1-2 times a week.”

She hopes to be elected as Executive Secretary to be able to work cooperatively with other executive members to create a safer and more inclusive student body. Morales hopes to incorporate more inclusive events and be open to trying new things.

She says, “I speak for you, so any suggestions you have for next year, I will be sure to bring them up in our meetings.”


Nathan Derry

Nathan Derry is a current junior who was not challenged for his position as Executive Treasurer for the incoming school year. He considers himself to be outgoing, fun and thoughtful. Derry loves sushi, video games and the color blue.

Nathan Derry is a current junior who is excited to be Executive Treasurer for the Class of 2023 for the incoming school year. (MAURICIO PLIEGO/Ethic News photo)

He spends his free time riding dirt bikes and cliff jumping. Derry hopes to go to a decent college and start a career in computer science. 

Derry says, “I think REV has a great environment and even though not all our sports are great, our student section is.”

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