California football teams fight for championship game win


The San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams faced off in the second NFC championship game of the season at Sofi Stadium in Inglewood, California.  

The California teams competed aggressively for a chance to play at the 2022 Super Bowl, and the Los Angeles Rams ultimately claimed victory in the fourth quarter by interception. 

Both teams’ had a strong desire to win the game, and their desire was fueled by the possibility of redemption from their recent Super Bowl losses. The San Francisco 49ers last appeared at the 2020 Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs and they lost 31-20. The Los Angeles Rams competed one year earlier at the 2019 Super Bowl and lost 13-3 to the New England Patriots.

While the 49ers have continued their pursuit to the Super Bowl with Jimmy Garropolo as their starting quarterback, the LA Rams have tackled the challenge with Matthew Stafford, the Detroit Lions former starting quarterback who was traded for Jared Goff in 2021.  

The second NFC championship game guarantees one California football team will participate in the 2022 Super Bowl at Sofi Stadium. (MIA ARANDA/ Ethic News art)

Overview of the game

First quarter 0-0

  • 15:00 The Rams have possession of the ball.
  • 7:00 Mathew Stafford throws an interception into the endzone.
  • Penalty called on the 49ers cornerback Ambry Thomas for holding outside receiver.
  • Jake Gervase, LA Rams safety, walks off field because of a suspected injury. 

2nd quarter 10-7 San Francisco

  • 15:00 The Rams have possession of the ball.
  • Matthew Stafford threw a controversial incomplete pass that almost resulted in a fumble and touchdown for San Francisco.
  • 8:46 Stafford threw a 16 yard touchdown pass to Cooper Kupp, LA Rams wide receiver. The Rams take the lead 0-7. 
  • 6:10 Deebo Samuel, San Francisco wide receiver, receives the ball at the 44-yard line and sprints to the endzone. The game is tied 7-7. 
  • 1:51 LA Rams kicker, Matt Gay attempts 54-yard field goal but misses. The game remained tied 7-7. 
  • 1:00 Deebo Samuel is tackled by LA Rams safety Nick Scott. Samuel remains on the ground which calls for concern. San Francisco calls a timeout, but Deebo Samuel is okay. 
  • 0:02 The 49ers kicker Robbie Gould successfully makes a 37-yard field goal. San Francisco takes the lead 10-7.

Third quarter 17-7 San Francisco

  • 15:00 San Francisco has possession and a defensive penalty is quickly called on the LA Rams.
  • 7:00 LA Rams challenge a short of the line ruling, but the ruling stands and San Francisco gains possession.
  • 1:59 Garrapalo throws a 16-yard touchdown pass to tight end Goerge Kittle. San Francisco takes the lead 17-7. 
  • 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct on San Francisco defense for taunting.

Fourth quarter 17-21 LA Rams

  • 13:30 Stafford throws an 11-yard touchdown pass to Cooper Kupp. The Rams shorten San Francisco lead 17-14.
  • 15-yard penalty on San Francisco saftey, James Ward, for unnecessary roughness
  • 6:49 Matt Gay makes a 40-yard field goal and ties the game 17-17.
  • 1:46 Matt Gay makes a 30-yard field goal. The Rams take the lead 17-20.  
  • 1:11 Garoppolo throws an interception and Rams win the game. 

The Los Angeles Rams will compete against the Cincinnati Bengals next Sunday at 3:30 p.m for the 2022 Super Bowl. The Bengals scored a game winning field goal in overtime against the Kansas City Chiefs during their championship game. This will be the Bengals first time playing at the Super Bowl since 1988.

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