A&E hangouts: Redlands Ramen has oodles of noodles for hungry students


Redlands Ramen is the latest noodle stop located in the newly created Packing House District, a few blocks from historical downtown Redlands. Redlands Ramen was opened on Sept. 18, 2019, and has since been a success.

Two bowls of noodles with add-on toppings chicken and egg on Oct. 30. Redlands Ramen allows customers to customize their orders. (MIA ARANDA/ Ethic News photo)

A very strong street art vibe and underground influence is felt in Redlands Ramen. There are paintings and murals everywhere, with artwork reminiscent of downtown Los Angeles culture. While interesting, some of the murals may turn away more conservative and family audiences, as some of the murals feature suggestive imagery and partial nudity.

A mural highlighting various rappers in an artistic intepretation is shown at Redlands Ramen on June 17. (MIA ARANDA/ Ethic News photo)

Bryan Ramirez, the lead server at Redlands Ramen for over two months said, says that one of his favorite elements of the shop is “the inviting environment, along with the employees here with great personalities, with the cooks being especially full of integrity.” Ramirez feels this sets their restaurant apart from the competition.

The noodle shop also has a bar section, active at night, with the very late hours allowing for a midnight noodle run if you get hit by late night cravings, as many teens are often struck by. 

Because of the long hours, the different times of day have very different feelings, regarding the atmosphere. For instance, in the afternoon, it is a much more expected and serene atmosphere for an eatery in a small shopping district, but at night, it is transformed into a bustling noodle hub.

One of Redlands Ramen’s greatest strengths lies within its customizable menu. Of course, there are the base soups, such as the traditional ‘tonkotsu’ or the creamy, chicken based ‘Tori’, a popular choice for ramen newcomers. Some of the customization options include level of spiciness, ranging from none to spicy, and other ramen essentials, such as proteins and egg.

This previously mentioned customization has one major downfall however, and that is the price. If you get their most expensive base, the ‘Niku’ and you add Japanese pork, along with extra protein and all of the possible add ons, which have been standard for most other ramen shops in the world, it would cost a whopping $43.50. So while the price may be very high compared to other locations, it makes more sense when you consider its high quality ingredients and good service.

In conclusion, Redlands Ramen is a worthy option for hungry high school students who like an upbeat, street atmosphere. The food is delicious, however it can be expensive. Potential customers should be aware of the cumulative prices of the add-ons. 

Because of the friendly and helpful staff, the delicious food and the unique style, Redlands Ramen is definitely worth patronage.

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