NFL Coach Jon Gruden’s emails get exposed


Through emails sent, the Raiders head coach, Jon Gruden, was pushed out of his position due to his explicitness, usage of homophobic slurs and denunciation of the emergence of women as referees. 

Networks such as ESPN and NFL express disapproval for his use of profanity in his emails to players. The Raiders’ lead coach was pushed out of his position because of an email sent to the wrong people.

Gruden’s emails were sent to a wide range of people such as current NFL coaches, players, and various media entities; many of which questioned Gruden’s use of these terms and expressed distaste towards his comments. Photo by Official Travis AFB, Calif. is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0.

The issue started when Gruden sent an email with explicit content to a former player, Derek Carr. This cost him his job because he was not allowed to send emails like this to other players.

The email also was sent to a group of high-ranking executives at NFL league offices, such as the former President of the Washington Football Team Bruce Allen and the American football coach and defensive coordinator for the Washington Football Team Jack Del Rio.

This email used the homophobic slur which is considered offensive and unacceptable to LGBTQ individuals.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell responded to the emails, “Next time you call me, stop with the homophobic slurs and get to what’s need to be said; you can use any other offensive language that you want.”

The emails say, “I don’t like women officials, I don’t like female coaches, I don’t like kids [. . .] women should not ref. We all know this is true.”

The main story about the email incident also stated that several NFL coaches and players were pressuring the Raiders’ coach, but he declined to comment, according to The Guardian. Gruden was officially let go after half a season. He is expected to become the head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Concerning the media, the NFL was not interested in this story because of “confidentiality” issues. The NFL has an anti-discrimination policy and relies on each team and each staff to follow it.

The Raiders were not interested in this story because they were not mentioned in the emails and said that Gruden was a veteran coach, and he had been working for the team for years.

The NFL Players Association was not interested in the story because they were not included or mentioned in the emails. CBS, ESPN, Fox and NBC were not interested in the story because of “confidentiality” issues.

What are others’ thoughts about the Raiders Coach getting fired due to inscripting emails found?

Many fans of the Raiders and others were appalled by this type of behavior by someone who is supposed to be a leader in his field. While some people believe that it is a way to get rid of people who are not talented enough for the job, others think that this is a way of punishing someone for their offensive comments.

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