Tiktok enforces new parameters for the Milk Crate Challenge


The Milk Crate Challenge became popular in July 2021. It became TikTok’s newest craze as thousands of accounts posted new videos trying to gain the fame that came along with going viral. This challenge has seen many people injured, and because of this, TikTok has attempted to put a stop to it by banning it all together on its app.

Salvador Barrera, a junior at Citrus Valley, takes his first step in his attempt to complete the Crate Challenge in the courtyard at Citrus Valley. This photo was attempted in a safe environment to spread awareness of the dangers of the challenge. (EMERSON SUTOW/ Ethic News photo)

TikTok, originally known as the app Musical.ly before it was bought out by ByteDance Ltd. in 2016, led to the birth of this challenge. TikTok was made to let people express themselves and share with others has bolstered over 2 billion downloads, which has let them become the number one app on the app store.

With this TikTok trend riveting the nation, many social media platforms have tried to discard it completely from their platform. However, many still attempt this challenge regardless of public opinion.

Many celebrities have also boosted the popularity of this challenge, forcing a massive increase in people attempting this challenge.

In an official statement, TikTok said, “TikTok prohibits content that promotes or glorifies dangerous acts, and we remove videos and redirect searches to our Community Guidelines to discourage such content. We encourage everyone to exercise caution in their behavior whether online or off.”

In its attempts to get rid of the crate challenge, TikTok has banned the hashtag. The hashtag allows people to search for the challenge directly; removing it significantly decreases the chances of finding similar videos.

Public opinion is similar about the hashtag being removed from TikTok.

Riley Hokestra, a junior at Citrus Valley, said, “I think it’s good because it just stops people from getting hurt and going viral off of it and encouraging them to do it more.”

Brooklyn Tim, a junior at Citrus Valley, agrees, saying, “I think it’s good because everyone is getting hurt.” Yet, she also said, “I would probably do it because it looks fun.”

It is important to note that although the crate challenge is now being attempted worldwide, most people who attempt this challenge were left with injuries and some hospital trips due to the overwhelming amount of risk taken with the instability of the crates.

Lea este artículo en español aquí: https://ethic-news.org/2021/09/22/tiktok-impone-nuevos-parametros-para-el-desafio-de-la-caja-de-leche/

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