REV Staff Writer: Ella Fitzpatrick (she/her)

Ella Fitzpatrick is a senior at Redlands East Valley High School. At REV, she participates as a member of the Mental Health Club and the treasurer of Compact Club. This school year, she has decided to add to her list of hobbies. In addition to writing short stories and baking, Fitzpatrick has joined the REV tennis team. For her senior year, not only is she excited about her new sport, but she is also looking forward to writing for Ethic and graduating. Fitzpatrick enjoys spending her free time reading, listening to music and occasionally drawing. Her favorite class in school is literature because of her interest in writing and reading. Her go-to book is “Strange the Dreamer” written by Laini Taylor. A quote she believes and lives by is “the dream chooses the dreamer.” Fitzaptrick’s everyday life includes hanging out with friends, attending her clubs, school and enjoying a Studio Grill movie. She also loves spending time with her dog Lulu, whom she says makes her the happiest. Fitzpatrick describes herself as an outgoing, creative person who is also very hardworking. In five years, she hopes to be studying marine biology at the University of California, Santa Barbara and having a pet dog. Until then, Fitzpatrick still wants to get a few things out of her last year of high school. She hopes to get more life experiences, pass her classes and write for Ethic News.

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