Coffee lover explores underestimated coffee brands


To say that people enjoy coffee could be an understatement. Most people actually have an obsession with coffee to the point that they could be moody without it.

WebMD states many adults or teens claim to have an addiction to coffee and, according to them, people can experience withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop taking heavy intakes of caffeine too quickly. For anyone who feels that they are addicted or simply enjoys coffee, it could be helpful to know where to buy coffee without unreasonable expenses.  

Obsessions with coffee and the reasons for it can vary. While some people love to explore new coffee places to find a flavor they truly enjoy, others like to post their coffee on their social media because it looks pleasing and enjoyable.

Whatever your flavor, expensive coffee doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good quality coffee. Most people think that good coffee has to be expensive or from a trendy place that everyone goes to. That’s actually not true. You may be paying extra for fancy packaging or the location and not the coffee itself.

Every coffee drinker should be open to try new flavors or orders of coffee because it doesn’t hurt to try new things. It is also better to go to more places, as you may find a better coffee for cheaper. For simple hot or iced coffees, Del Taco, McDonalds and Jack in the Box can be just as good as other trendy coffee places, as they are cheap and allow for crowded cafes and long obnoxious lines to be skipped. A large iced coffee from McDonalds is only $2.49, while a large iced coffee from Starbucks is $3.45. This may not seem like a lot, but if you are a self-proclaimed coffee addict, those dollars can add up.

A large iced coffee from Starbucks costs about $3.45. On the other hand, a large iced coffee from McDonalds costs only $2.49. (Nyla De Carvalho/Ethic News Photo)

Let’s talk about the most popular coffee shop on many corners in town, Starbucks. Customize your drink by adding any of their many toppings and flavors, like caramel drizzle. They also offer food and refreshers, as well as hot chocolate. Just like their coffee, these items can be overpriced. According to Sarah Schmalbruch, a Syracuse University graduate, it “feels [like] the coffee doesn’t taste as good due to coffee beans that aren’t as fresh as other shops.”

Another cheap alternative is to make your coffee at home. Waking up in the morning to fresh coffee and a boost of energy is a convenient way to get your daily dose and decrease the daily dollars spent. It is very easy to make hot or iced coffee from home and, just like Starbucks, it can be made perfectly to the individual’s taste, rather than placing a long and complicated order.

In order to get good coffee or find your favorite, be open minded and try coffee from all different places. You may find your new favorite coffee for a lot less money.

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