Citrus Valley hosts campus tour for freshman


After a long year of distance learning, school districts have given schools the thumbs up to return to school in-person. The Redlands Unified School District slowly started welcoming students back by grade level starting with elementary, then middle school and finally high school students. High schools have a large number of students to begin with, so staff had to do a lot of preparation and organizing to ensure everyone’s safety and follow protocols in order to welcome high school students back starting Monday, April 19th. 

Link Crew Leaders work hard to familiarize freshmen with Citrus Valley’s campus and help them find their classes preparing them for hybrid learning. (Destiny Ramos/Ethic News Photo)

Citrus Valley and Redlands East Valley High School both had their link crew groups arrange a day to welcome freshmen on campus for an in-person tour as they missed their freshman orientation due to the pandemic. Both schools held the campus tour on Friday, April 16th, just two days prior from returning to in-person school. CV’s link crew set up groups of eight through 10 students for every two leaders. 

Erica Bauer, a freshman at REV, says “Every group had 10 freshmen and two link crew members. They showed us around the school and told us where specific classes are depending on our schedules. It helped me personally because as a freshman, and new to the district, I didn’t feel completely lost returning to school.” 

The tours started with link crew leaders leading their groups through every building and explaining what subjects were designated to which buildings. For example, on CV’s campus, the B building is where students can find math and foreign language classes.

Classes working together via telepresence to communicate and function in class as they normally would. (Joan Snavely/ Ethic News Photo)

As students toured their campus, they would also see the changes such as signs and markings on the floor to remind students to follow safety guidelines and maintain a safe distance from one another. Classes have been provided clear dividers for every table to help keep a safe environment. Teachers and staff all have placed hand sanitizer and tissues in every classroom and office space, as well as offering masks in the office. If a student or staff forgets their mask at home for whatever reason, they may go into the office and be given a new one. Nonetheless, students are encouraged to always bring an extra mask in their backpacks to ensure less possibilities of that happening. 

Both REV and CV are continuously working hard in order to ensure a safe environment for both students and staff, as well as doing their utmost to keep everyone engaged during hybrid learning. As staff and students are working simultaneously through these new rules and safety precautions, everyone is doing their best to push through the remainder of this school year.

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