What you can expect returning back to school


Starting April 19, Redlands Unified School District will be reopening the high schools to in-person instruction with new additions on campus and policies set in place. 

According to the California Department of Public Health, all schools in red, orange, and yellow tiers counties can reopen schools. On April 7, San Bernardino County is in the orange tier as the virus spreads moderately in the county.

Prior to entering Redlands East Valley campus, students will be expected to provide responses to the daily email from Raptor Technologies that will prescreen their health and determine if the student should remain home or attend to in-person instruction each day. Raptor Technologies is a software to protect and help schools manage visitors. Now, RUSD is using the software to complete COVID-19 Health Screening Questions.

On campus, if pre-screening has already taken place remotely, a temperature check and ID card will only be needed to enter campus.

In-person learning students will need to wear these ID cards at all times on campus. ID cards will be distributed on the first day of returning to school, April 19.

All students returning for in-person instruction will need a district-issued Chromebook to be brought to school daily due to personal devices being unable to connect to the school network.

Along with these expectations to uphold, Redlands East Valley principal Robert Clarey shares what to expect in the classrooms. 

“Classrooms will mostly look the same. The difference will be the spacing of students in the desks. Rooms currently have plexiglass shields installed on desks,” Clarey said, “This requirement is no longer a recommendation from the CDC, so many will come down during our first week back, according to teacher/student comfort level.”

An image of Redlands East Valley’s hallway with new signs on the floor. The signs are to create less traffic among students and prevent student contact. (Courtesy to Vanessa Aranda)

Along with the new additions to the classrooms, the campus has undergone a few changes.

 To limit exposure between students, hallways will be designated as one-way. Signs will be posted around instructing students ways to enter and exit buildings and areas. 

“The most noticeable changes to our campus are all the new mural work and the new tables in the quad area. We are in the process of ordering umbrellas for these tables to provide additional shade,” Clarey said.

 The indoor cafe will not be open for dining. Lunches will be available to grab and go. Students will be expected to eat socially distanced in the quad. During lunch, clubs can meet if social distancing requirements are met.

An image of a REV classroom with plexiglass set up on the distanced desks. Pexiglass in the classroom were original recommendations of the CDC for schools reopening. (Courtesy to Vanessa Aranda)

On campus, all students and staff must wear a mask. Face shields do not offer the same amount of protection as a mask and cannot be worn alone. If one chooses to wear a face shield, they must wear a mask as well.

Students found repeatedly violating the expectations will return to distance learning.

“I’m still questioning the school reopening because there is only 10 or less weeks left of school, but I would feel relatively safe because I know many would follow policies and rules and be considerate,” said Ali Sirk Bun, a junior at Redlands East Valley. 

In the event of a confirmed case at school, Clarey shared how contact tracing protocols are in place to prevent any surge of infection.

Over 700 students plan to return to in-person learning at REV. Clarey offers advice to any remaining students and parents debating whether to return to school.

“Do what is most comfortable for you. There are only 38 days of school left this year,” said Clarey

An image of Redlands East Valley building entrance with new signs. These signs promote entering a certain way to avoid traffic that would lead to close contact with others.  (Courtesy to Vanessa Aranda)

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