Redland’s Barton House Playschool opens its door for educational use


Even though the pandemic restraints many people from attending an in person school, Barton House Playschool makes themselves available. During these unprecedented times, the preschool is currently open as they uphold regulations to protect the students and workers while school is in session.

While many K-12 schools are currently closed, many preschools are still available to offer childcare for essential workers.

This establishment believes in a “play, discovery and curiosity” way of learning. On their website, they state that they “strive to provide an environment that encourages curiosity and discovery through play.”

Monica Strout, a mother of a BH Playschool student, said, “My daughter is so happy each day that she goes and is loved by all staff.” 

Barton House is one of the only public preschools, in Redlands, open throughout the time of COVID-19. They strive to make kids happy through this hard time. (KENDRA BURDICK/ Ethic News Photo)

They strive to make a safe environment for everyone due to COVID-19. They take precautions such as monitoring the children from being too close to each other, wiping down objects used in their play yard and making sure that all staff wears masks while on the campus. Though, the children wear masks while indoors, except at their snack time. 

Tina Stephens, assistant principal and former ten-year teacher at Barton House Playschool, said, “They do not have to wear them [masks] while playing outside, so they can get a good deep breath while running in the play yard.” 

Parents are asked to provide their children with a mask and an additional backup mask in case of a need for a change.he school does provide a disposable mask for a necessity; they hold quite the supply.

The teachers work with the children that have medical exceptions to attempt them to be comfortable with their masks; however, they are never disciplined or shamed about. But, there are not any exceptions with not being able to wear a mask.

Along with wearing masks, the teachers and other staff members do daily health checks before entering the school. Yet, staff members are not required to take a routinely COVID test.

There have been a total of three cases of COVID-19 at the preschool. After these cases were confirmed, the class was closed while students and teachers were quarantined for 14 days. Aside from this, there was no report of any students or other staff members getting COVID-19 in the school.  

Another guideline put in place is concerning if a parent catches COVID-19. The preschool asks that the child be quarantined for ten days from the date of the parent’s positive test.  If the child has any symptoms, the staff recommends the child to receive treatment; however, they cannot require it. 

Barton House Playschool makes all of these precautions and takes certain measures to keep the kids safe though the pandemic. All the teachers are holding the goal to give their students the opportunity to obtain an in-person education.

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