Redlands East Valley’s Christian Club impacts students’ mornings

Originally published in La Plaza Press


Christian Club has met for the last fourteen years at Redlands East Valley and existed at Redlands High School before REV was built. (ISAAC MEJIA/ La Plaza photo) 

Due to the current online school year, many clubs across the Redlands Unified School District have halted their activity. However, despite the many obstacles that distance learning presents, Redlands East Valley High School Christian Club remains one of the few clubs that still meets virtually. 

Christian Club is a Christian-based club with a mission to help students grow deeper in their relationship with God and other people of faith. The club welcomes all people to join and be a part of their experience as they dive into the Bible’s messages.  

Zoe Armida, vice president of Christian Club, said the club “is supposed to be a safe place for all followers and a place to help strengthen our belief and our love for God.” 

So how exactly does the club help students strengthen their faith in God?  During distance learning, the club meets every Wednesday from 8:00-8:30 a.m. Typically, members listen to youth pastors from different “Bible-based” Redlands Churches and are taught different sections of the Bible. They pray for each other and worship together. Scott Washburn, the club’s advisor, even plays the guitar and sings along with the students. The club offers a sense of community and does not force students to do anything they are not comfortable with. 

For many students, waking up everyday to sit at the front of a computer screen for six hours is stressful  and overwhelming. The club offers students the opportunity to start the day by equipping themselves spiritually. 

Washburn says, “Being a born-again Christian in high school is so important. There is so much stress just being a high schooler period. I don’t know how people do it without Jesus. His yolk is easy and His burden is light, and the peace of God that only the Holy Spirit can give transcends all understanding during these crazy times in everyone’s life [and] will put your heart at rest.”

The club aims to positively impact students’ mornings and provide them with any needed encouragement. It surrounds students with other people that have a heart for God and reassures them that there are other people in their school community that share similar beliefs. 

Karla Whitman, Christian Club Secretary, said, “It is great to see people who love God as much as I do, and are willing to spend their mornings coming to Christian Club. It is also great to hear God’s word during the middle of the week as it is the pinnacle of the week and usually the day I need the most motivation.” 

She further said, “It just makes my weeks going to Christian Club, because I know that the people there love and honor God, and I find that just so special. It is awesome that we are creating a community at school (even digitally) where we can feel comfortable to worship God and fellowship with other believers.”

The club does not require a lot from students. It is not an obligation or another responsibility that will add onto their growing plate; instead, the club offers the chance to help lift off that heavy burden students are carrying.

Students interested in joining Christian Club will not be met with judgment. Students are allowed to open up with students and engage to their liking. If students are interested in joining the club, they can email the club’s president, Miriam at at miriamyor.51979@redlandsschools.net or can go to the club’s Instagram @ rev.christain.club. The zoom meeting information is listed in their bio.

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