Friday Fight Night: Doctor Strange vs Doctor Doom


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Note: Doctor Doom will be solely represented in his comic-book versions, while Doctor Strange will be represented by his live-action version.

Magic is gradually climbing the ranks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Characters such as the Scarlet Witch and the Ancient One have already made their debut, opening the door for more magic-users to enter the live-action universe. While it is not a subject that is widely discussed, the introduction of magic in the MCU calls for many different paths that all characters may interact with, such as dimensional forces, universal catastrophes, or tears in the space-time continuum.

Doctor Strange has a wide range of magical abilities. The film of the same name was released on October 20, 2016, and was directed by Scott Derrickson (Photo from Den of Geek).

In Fall 2016, Marvel’s Doctor Strange was released in theaters, and fans got to see magic at play for the very first time. Doctor Strange was quick to develop his understanding of the mystic arts, and has grown to become widely recognized as the successor to the Sorcerer Supreme. Since his debut, Strange has surely improved his magic and has been heavily involved in the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Doctor Doom made his first debut in Marvel Comics “The Fantastic Four #5” in 1962. Since then, he has not made an appearance in the MCU, but has recently been rebooted in 20th Century Fox’s “Fantastic Four” in 2015 (Image from CinemaBlend).

With the promise of future installments in the MCU, fans are wondering when the infamous Doctor Doom will make his debut. Victor von Doom is primarily recognized as the most dangerous enemy to the Fantastic Four, another debut fans are patiently waiting for. Doom is a polymath with genius-level intellect, and received his abilities after the same accident that granted the Fantastic Four their abilities.

There is a rich history between Doctor Strange and Doom, as both have been realized as powerful sorcerers, which begs the question: who would best the other in a one-on-one duel?

Round #1: Power

After discovering Kamar-Taj, Strange quickly became proficient in the mystic arts, even impressing the Ancient One. His proficiencies include transmutation (when he is able to transform Thanos’ attack into a swarm of butterflies), astral projection, magic manipulation and self-duplication. 

Among his many proficiencies, Strange is a master of the sling ring. Additionally, he has access to the Mirror Dimension, “a place to train, surveil and sometimes to contain threats,” as said by the Ancient One in Doctor Strange.

Much like Strange, Doctor Doom is also a sorcerer, and has frightening abilities that are displayed through sheer wrath and willpower, such as demon summoning, technopathy, energy absorption/projection and telekinesis.

Doctor Doom stands with his Doom-Bots at his sides. Doom can easily control his Doom-Bots with his mind, in which he mostly uses to fight his battles for him (Image from Den of Geek).

Apart from his supernatural abilities, Doctor Doom also has diplomatic immunity, as he is “the sole ruler and monarch of Latveria,” a fictional nation appearing in Marvel Comics. While he is a villain, “the world is unable to harm him,” according to ScreenRant.

Round #2: Applications

With the help of many Kamar-Taj disciples, Strange managed to open a large number of portals in time for the final battle against Thanos and his army in Avengers: Endgame, allowing for the dusted-heroes to return for one final bout against the Mad Titan. 

Sling rings are seen as the ultimate convenience so far in the MCU, as they are able to allow anyone anywhere with ease. Not only can it transport living beings, but it could also serve as a form of transportation for solid objects as well.

What seems like the most memorable seen from Avengers: Endgame is when the portals begin to open. Avengers: Endgame released on April 26, 2019 (Photo from Daily Express).

While Doctor Doom does not hold a sling ring with him, he uses another form of travel. Using his genius-level intellect, he was able to create what he calls a “time platform that could send anyone who stood on it back into the past,” according to the Marvel Database. At first, it required the use of a large machine to operate, however, as the years passed, Doom had integrated the machine into his armor, allowing him to travel to the past whenever he desired.

Doctor Doom’s time platform allows him and a number of others to travel to the past. Its first appearance was in Marvel Comics “Fantastic Four #5” (Image from Marvel Database).

Doctor Strange, as seen in the MCU, has also dabbled with time. The Eye of Agamotto made its very first appearance as a holder of the Time Stone in Doctor Strange. The very first time that Strange took hold of the artifact, it was said that he was not “manipulating the space-time continuum, [he was] breaking it,” as said by Wong, a recurring character in the film.

Round #3: Accomplishments

Mastering the mystic arts in such a short amount of time is most definitely an accomplishment, especially for someone who had lost all mobility and functionality of his hands. 

Strange also took part in a time loop with Dormammu using the Eye of Agamotto, overwhelming the being from the dark dimension and stopping him from taking the Earth. Additionally, using the Time Stone, Strange was able to view “14 million, six hundred and five [possible futures]” according to himself in Avengers: Infinity War, and revealed that there was only one outcome where the Avengers would emerge victorious.

Doctor Doom has also had his fair share of growth in his years, such as stealing the Power Cosmic from the Silver Surfer. This turn of events had granted him “a vast source of limitless, godly, cosmic energy and power,” according to the Marvel Database. Additionally, using his genius-level intellect, Doom was also able to completely cure Ben Grimm, otherwise known as The Thing in the Fantastic Four. This procedure was something that Reed Richards, or Mr. Fantastic, could never accomplish.

Doom was also found worthy by the Panther God, the same god that gave the Black Panther power, in his efforts of obtaining Vibranium.

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