Photo slideshow: Sense of community in Redlands during the holidays


Bricks and Birch employee Caleb Gasca smiles from the camera in light of the holiday spirit (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo). 

In the lobby of Bricks and Birch stands a tree decorated for Christmas (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

Employees of Cheesewalla get to-go orders ready for customers. Due to COVID-19 cheesewalla has been limited to to-go orders only (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

Cashier at Hate Burger, Gabby (last name withheld), smiles for the camera from the ordering window, wearing a festive hat (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

A side street near State Street in Redlands, decorated in lights, showing the natural and serene beauty of downtown (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

Employee of Jacks Toy Shop, Jeanette Martinez, shows their favorite stuffed plushie in the store for the holidays (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

Students of Redlands East Valley, Natalie Strain and Alexis Dresser, pose with a Santa bear in front of Fleur De Lis Gift and Home, located on State Street (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo). 

Employee of LeRoy’s Boardshop, Marian Dendinger, is seen folding clothes to put up for display (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

Employee, Mark Trejio, of The Alley Collective smiles for the camera with great spirit (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

The Molinos Coffee store front, located in Downtown Redlands (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

Pictured are the colorful umbrellas that lead to the Orange Street Alley of Redlands. This ally is home to many local businesses and restaurants (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

The word “love” painted on a wall near State Street. Shows the significance of love to the town during these times (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

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