Friday Fight Night: Black Panther vs Wolverine


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Note: The Official Handbook for the Marvel Universe will be the main source of evidence for this edition, as well as official publications and iterations of both characters.

(In memory of Chadwick Boseman)

Every superhero in the Marvel Universe has a diverse method of combat; whether it’s shooting pulse lasers, calling down the blinding power of thunder or crushing enemies with brute force and martial arts, the world of comics has allowed for heroes to make their mark, becoming easily recognizable from the vaguest description.

Nonetheless, hand-to-hand combat seems scarce. Heroes such as Hawkeye and Daredevil find it difficult to meet the challenges and threats of beings beyond comprehension. However, two unmistakably powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe hold none of these traits, yet have stood toe-to-toe amongst the greatest of threats.

The Black Panther is a warrior that dates back to the Stone Age. This legendary warrior receives power from the Heart-Shaped Herb, a plant said to have been mutated from a meteorite of vibranium. Vibranium, said to be the same metal that was formed into Captain America’s shield, was described as being “stronger than steel, a third the weight, and completely vibration-absorbant,” according to a young Howard Stark in Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger.

The Black Panther is one of the many surprising but welcoming characters to make their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel’s “Black Panther” was released in 2018, and gave a stunning origin story after the events of “Captain America: Civil War” (Photo credit: Marvel Entertainment).

Contrarily, the metal known as adamantium is recognized as the material for Wolverine’s claws. Being the result of illegal experimentation, Wolverine’s skeleton was forcefully bonded with a large amount of adamantium. This mysterious metal has a tendency to stay in a fixed shape once it is set. It cannot be damaged or broken down unless it is brought to its melting point, which is 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

What if Wolverine were to go toe-to-toe against the King of Wakanda? Both heroes can be described as the embodiment of both metals, and can be taken as a test to see which metal can ultimately endure the longest.

Round #1: Abilities

The Black Panther has a variety of abilities, including superhuman speed, strength, agility and endurance. Additionally, the Black Panther has access to all the knowledge of any previous Black Panther.

In Marvel’s “Black Panther,” released in 2018, he is able to turn invisible thanks to the vibranium technology embedded in his suit. As a master of stealth, the suit also allows him to run and climb objects undetected, as it is said to absorb the momentum for total silence. There are also instances in Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War,” where Black Panther falls from a high altitude, and lands swiftly and silently.

On the other hand, Wolverine has many impressive abilities of his own. For starters, being a mutant provides him with an incredible regenerative healing factor. This extremely convenient ability has been on many experimental sights, and has made even a single drop of blood from Wolverine priceless. In Wolverine Issue #43, he regenerates his entire body from only his adamantium skeleton after being burned to a crisp.

Wolverine and Captain America fight one-on-one. Despite what others might say, Wolverine’s claws are just not strong enough to break apart Captain America’s shield (Photo from Avengers vs. X-Men issue #3).

Wolverine’s claws were also enhanced by the adamantium metal. Before the illegal experimentation, Wolverine had only his healing factor and wooden claws. However, even with adamantium claws, Captain America’s shield cannot be penetrated by Wolverine.

Round #2: Strength

According to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Black Panther is “able to lift (press) approximately 800 pounds,” and able to “sprint at speeds up to 35 miles per hour.” His endurance is “about double that of an Olympic athlete,” and his “powerful leg muscles enable him to [leap] approximately 10 feet.”

It is also important to know that his MCU’s debut enabled him to “absorb the kinetic energy of any blow as well as redirect it instantaneously,” as seen in Marvel’s “Black Panther.”

A page from the official description of Wolverine in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. The handbook was written in 1982 (Photo from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe).

Wolverine is said to “possess the normal human strength of a man his age, height and build who engages in intensive regular exercise,” according to the handbook. Other than his uncanny mutant abilities, Wolverine is a “master of many forms of unarmed combat.” In terms of his preferred fighting style, Wolverine engages wildly at his enemies. This is due to the intense pain he feels when he unsheathes his claws, in which his skin is torn but constantly healed in the process. 

Round #3: Accomplishments

Deadpool takes on the King of Wakanda in a new crossover-event. Marvel had introduced this teaser for a short mini-series starring both characters in 2018 (Photo from Comics the Gathering).

In a short crossover-event, Black Panther was able to take down Deadpool after he trespassed on Wakanda. As a trophy, he dismembered Deadpool in order to study his impressive healing factor. Additionally, Black Panther defeated all members of the Fantastic Four and Iron Man, who had made a special suit of armor specifically to counter the King of Wakanda.

In 20th Century Studios“The Wolverine,” produced in 2013, Wolverine saves Yashida, a business executive during World War II, from the intense heat of an atomic bomb. Here, the audience got a good look at Wolverine’s healing factor first hand, and how effective it was.

Wolverine, now known as Old Man Logan, fights with Maestro, an alternate, ruthless version of Hulk. In one of the most intense battles in Marvel history, Old Man Logan finally defeats the tyrant Hulk (Photo by Marvel).

In Marvel’s comic series “Old Man Logan,” Wolverine is the last surviving superhero in a supervillain-dominated world. Here, Wolverine finally defeats Maestro, an evil alternate version of Hulk who became king of the new world. 

Now that some statistics have been given, the question can now be answered: Who would win in a fight between Black Panther and Wolverine? Both fighters are undoubtedly fearsome in battle, and have proven themselves time and time again. Here’s to hoping that Wolverine, and the rest of the X-Men will find themselves joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon!


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