Christmas lights spread much needed happiness


For years it has been a known tradition to dust off the Christmas lights and hang up decorations to celebrate the festive holidays. Giant red-nosed reindeer and colorful flashing lights hanging from rooftops get everyone walking by excited for a little holiday cheer. As these decorations set reminders of joyous holiday moments with family and friends, they are more significant this year than ever. Even with the restrictions of COVID-19, taking a walk to admire the festive christmas decorations is something that the pandemic cannot take away.

While this year may not allow a normal Christmas, the bright lights and decorations that spread throughout neighborhoods are here for everyone to enjoy. 2020 has been full of challenges but as the holiday season has arrived so has all the happiness and unity that comes along with it. Walking around and seeing how different houses have been transformed for Christmas is a great way to find some holiday cheer. This year has been full of many different challenges for many different people, but seeing bright lights is a reminder of the harmony of the holidays and how no one is battling the challenges of this pandemic alone. 

Light display in East Highlands synchronized to festive Christmas songs (Emily Prinstein/Ethic Photo).

A festive house decorated with bright lights for the holidays (Emily Prinstein/Ethic Photo).

Festive Holiday house with blue icicle lights with Christmas blowups (Emily Prinstein/Ethic Photo).

Fun and festive house with lit up festive walkway with Christmas blowups (Emily Prinstein/Ethic Photo).

Cute light displays with snowmen and rainbow lights on house and palm trees (Emily Prinstein/Ethic Photo).

Another house synchronized to festive holiday songs with lights made up has trees and reindeer (Emily Prinstein/Ethic Photo).

Pretty Christmas light display with rainbow lights and blowup polar bear (Emily Prinstein/Ethic Photo).

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