Life-long Redlands resident Diane Escudero shares memories


Some people have lived in the same place for most of their lives such as Diane Michelle Escudero. Born on June 27, 1957, Escudero has lived in Redlands since she was a child. 

“I’ve lived in Redlands since I was three years old, we all moved here to Redlands and I was raised here,” says Escudero. 

Escudero has many memories of growing up in Redlands and living out her childhood here. “My fondest memories are the orange groves all over Redlands. I just loved the smell of oranges and smudge pots. The smudge pots were lit up in the groves early in the morning to keep the oranges from freezing,” says Escudero. 

Many friends and family members lived in Redlands with her. Many of her memories from her childhood were with her friends. “I remember having a lot of friends,” she says, “we would play out in the street, we would play baseball [and] ride our bikes through the neighborhood. We would always go to Sylvan Park, they used to have a pool there, it was called the Sylvan Plunge. Every weekend we would go out there to swim.”

Diane Escudero celebrating at her son’s, Eric Escudero, wedding. Escudero has been living in Redlands since 1957. (Photo credit to Diana Escudero)

Escudero had numerous pets through her years which she loved very much. “I think my coolest pet was my monkey when I was about 12 years old. [My father] knew I wanted a monkey or a pony so I think a monkey was easier. I named him Coco, we kept him for about a week then he had to go back to wherever my dad got him.” She also had dogs, cats, birds and reptiles. Along with growing up in Redlands, she received an education from the Redlands Unified School District, ranging from Cram Elementary, Lugonia Elementary and Clement Middle School to Redlands High School. 

“I would get bus sick all the time on the bus going to and from school, they would give me a barf bag every time I would get off and on the bus,” says Escudero. 

Escudero was always very focused on her studies and even managed to graduate mid-term. “I graduated in January and then I went to college at [San Bernardino] Valley College and I was still high school age, still 17,” she says. 

After high school, Escudero also attended Crafton Hills College to become a preschool teacher and eventually obtain her Medical Assistant certificate. 

Escudero was a very active member of her community and took every opportunity to volunteer and help those in need. “I volunteered with the YMCA, and worked with something called Family Services. They gave out food and clothing to families in need, so I volunteered doing this and also after school activities.” Additionally, she was also featured in a newspaper for speaking out against domestic violence as a young adult at City Hall. 

Escudero has had an amazing experience living and growing up in Redlands, California and plans on passing her experiences and wisdom down to all her family members. 

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