Friday Fight Night: Broly vs Superman


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Note: DC Comics including Superman’s greatest feats and strengths will be used as source. All Dragon Ball material including/mentioning Broly will also be used as source.

The fictional world is an endless one, filled with a seemingly infinite amount of characters to pull from. Many are depicted as godlike beings with abilities allowing them to crumble mountains with ease or destroy planets at will. Characters that most notably fall under this power-spectrum are none other than Superman and Broly.

Superman is an all-time favorite of DC’s superhero universe. The Man of Steel is easily one of the strongest fictional characters out there. He is an insanely powerful force to be reckoned with, nearly deemed indestructible if not for the effects of Kryptonite.

In the world of Dragon Ball, Broly was first introduced as the Legendary Super Saiyan: a being that only appears every 1,000 years. Born with limitless power, Broly was exiled from Planet Vegeta, home of the Saiyans, and forced to live a life of solitude with his father, Paragus, on the desolate planet Vampa. 

First look at Broly in his Full-Power form. Broly was reintroduced into Dragon Ball canon in 2018 in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Image by Dragon Ball Super: Broly).

It would be years before he would truly realize his true potential, but Broly very quickly evolved into a powerhouse, striking fear and worry in Goku and Vegeta, the two main characters of Dragon Ball, alike. Would Superman experience this same fear as they did, or will Clark Kent have the strength to stop Broly’s uncontrollable rampage?

Round 1: Power

The Legendary Super Saiyan is the embodiment of limitless Saiyan power. The vessel itself becomes unstable and is constantly at risk of self-destruction. Broly’s power had frightened Goku and Vegeta alike, causing them to transform into Super Saiyan Gods to hopefully overpower him. Alas, Broly’s ever-growing power proved too much for them both.

Broly faces off against Vegeta first in the film. Vegeta (in his Super Saiyan form) is surprised that Broly can keep up with his speed (Image by Comic Book Resources).

Broly’s power allowed him to climb the ranks of Saiyan potential. In a matter of minutes, Broly had reached God-level while fighting against Goku and Vegeta in their god states. Reaching God-level had taken the two Saiyans years to master, and Broly began to adapt and overcome their strength, overwhelming them with his own.

On the other hand, Superman had always stayed at the same level of power for years. He had been deemed faster than the Flash, able to knock him off his feet while the Flash claimed “[he’d] never been touched.”

On the other hand, Superman had always stayed at the same level of power for years. He had been deemed faster than the Flash, able to knock him off his feet while the Flash claimed “[he’d] never been touched.”

The Flash tests his speed against the Man of Steel, only to be effortlessly thrown off his feet. This image is found in DC’s New 52, Issue #2 (Image by DC Database).

Superman’s powers range far and wide, including, “incredible super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, freezing-breath, flight and heat-vision,” according to the DC Database.

Round 2: Abilities

Apart from being faster-than-a-speeding-bullet and able to leap tall bounds, Superman had grown to adopt incredible power over the course of centuries. 

Superman once laid dormant in the center of Earth’s Sun for 15,000 years. This prompted the spawn of unknown, yet limitless abilities. This version of Superman, known famously as Superman Prime One Million, had the ability to alter reality, seeing as he, “brought Lois Lane back to life from a fragment of her DNA,” according to Variant Comics. This not only reunited them, but also granted Lois immortality and a number of similar abilities.

First ever look at Superman Prime One Million. This image could be found in DC’s One Million issue #4, published in 1998 (Image by DC Database).

Broly, being a true Saiyan, has enhanced speed and durability, as well as untold strength and power. His ability to undergo transformations makes him a powerful force, especially being the Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly undergoes a different kind of transformation, one that turns his hair green and allows his body to constantly emit energy and unleash power. In the world of Dragon Ball, his power level is said to be incalculable even before he had realized his true potential.

Broly (source of the energy blasts diverging from the top middle) creates a meteor shower of energy that spreads miles across the battlefield. In this scene, Broly’s father, Paragus was killed, driving him into insanity and uncontrollable anger, causing him to go Super Saiyan (Image by Dragon Ball Super: Broly).

Like all Saiyans, Broly can generate energy blasts (called ki blasts) towards his foes and is seen throughout the movie spewing massive amounts of energy in all directions as a result of his uncontrollable rage. His ki blasts have the potential to completely decimate mountains and turn arctic wastelands into fiery planes of magma.

Round 3: Accomplishments

Additionally, Superman was able to effortlessly restore his home planet Krypton, utilizing the power of the sun he laid dormant in for so long. He later discovered that he could share his power with his descendants and anyone that “continued to fight for truth and justice,” according to Screen Rant.

In the Silver Age of comics, Superman once towed a line of planets across the galaxy with a chain connecting them all. This was done for their sake, as they were prone to destruction.

Superman pulls a line of planets away from destruction. This image can be found in DC’s Superboy issue #140, published in 1967 (Image by DC Database).

On top of his impressive feat of becoming God-level in a matter of minutes, Broly managed to break the boundaries of time and space, transporting him to another dimension during his clash with Gogeta, the fusion result and the final bout of Goku and Vegeta. The power of both fighters was too grand for the universe to handle, shattering reality for a short while until they were ultimately brought back.

This is the moment that Broly and Gogeta shattered reality during their fight. Their power was enough to overwhelm space and time, creating a separate dimension for them to continue their clash (Image by Dragon Ball Super: Broly).

Now that some statistics have been given, the question can now be asked: who would win in a fight between the Legendary Super Saiyan and the Man of Steel? Will Broly once again break his limits and surpass the DC’s caped-wonder? Will Superman prove too much for the Saiyan? Leave your comments down below saying who you think would win!

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