Wildcat’s ASB create escapes from the computer screens for students


The Associated Student Body at Redlands East Valley High School is continuing to put on their schools events that encourage school spirit and help to unite the students and staff, but now with the added challenge of doing it all virtual. 

In years prior, ASB has used a combination of the traditions such as pep rallies and Homecomings along with new and exciting events such as food drives and unique spirit weeks, to engage students on campus. This year almost every event that was planned has had to be altered to fit social distancing guidelines and also work within the distance learning schedules. 

Despite these unique situations, ASB has worked to put together activities and events for students and staff and have even more planned for the future. 

At the East Valley Campus, Marin Mohr, the Sophomore Class President, says that “the sophomore class has been working hard to put on as many fundraisers as possible, for example our lemonade stands in Prospect Park. It is all to make sure that even though we aren’t in school, we still raise the funds to put on events that our grade and the rest of the school deserves.” 

Mohr also says that “it has definitely been a challenge to get creative with ways to get everyone involved from home but I feel that everyone has been working hard to find fun ways to make sure this year is the best possible given the situation. The 10th graders, along with the rest of the classes are going to continue to plan and put on events for REV students and staff.” 

The year began with virtual spirit week, which included students and staff dressing up for the various theme days during zoom calls.These spirit weeks used to be done in person and classes would tally up participation for different awards, so this was an event that could be transitioned into distance learning to keep some of the same traditions alive this year.

To coincide with the fall and Halloween season, REV has organized a pumpkin carving contest where students can participate in choosing the most popular pumpkin carving using Instagram polls. The Pep Commissioners have also organized a scavenger hunt around downtown Redlands. An R will be hidden at various locations and hints will be given out sporadically to where the R can be located. Students can go with friends or family to go find the R, take a selfie, and post it tagging REV Wildcats on Instagram for a chance to win various prizes.

Jack Tetrualt, the Executive President, says that “this year is definitely not what we expected but none of us plan to let it go to waste. We can’t say too much right now as things are still in the works, but we are all working on some upcoming events for everyone so stay tuned as always.”

ASB is just one of many organizations, clubs, and sports teams on campus that is continuing to adapt to the changing times during distance learning and will continue to do so in an effort to engage and connect the students and staff at REV for the 2020-2021 school year.

Featured Photo: Kasey Plumb, a junior at Redlands East Valley, poses with the “R” on Oct. 25, 2020, as a part of the scavenger hunt that the ASB organized. The first “R” was hidden outside of the local ice cream shop, A La Minute. Plumb was able to locate the “R” on the first day that the clue was released on Instagram.

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