Special abilities in small animals prove that size doesn’t matter


When people think of animals they normally lean towards basic animals and their abilities. When thinking of what the fastest animal is, people’s first thoughts often go to that of the cheetah. However, the comparison of an animal’s size is left out. 

Echo is a crested gecko, she has no eyelids, however has a large scale called a brille over her eyes, which protects each of her eyes. (Kendra Burdick/Ethic Photos)

The fastest animal on the planet is the Paratarsotomus macropalpis, a type of mite found in Southern California. Compared to the initial body size of the macropalpis, they travel three hundred twenty two times its body length, per second. 

The animals that are the best at hunting are wolves and bears. Wolves travel in packs to hunt their prey such as deer. Bears are very protective and have some of the strongest teeth and claws for a use of protection, cracking nuts, and killing.

Dragonflies are brutally effective killers. According to Nature World News, they manage to capture their prey midair more than ninety five percent of the time. They eat mosquitoes and other small insects that are usually found around lakes, ponds, streams and wetlands. Their wingspan and the rate of their flying speed helps them be one of the best hunters.

Elephants, lions, and tigers are strong animals that tend to fight over territory, mating, food, and water. They either have sharp tusks, claws, or even large body weight that give the idea of being some of the strongest animals such as hippopotamuses. 

Scientists, who studied at University of Namur in Belgium, used the latest imaging techniques to study the shell of the beetle and discovered that rhinoceros beetles are extremely strong. They wanted to understand the little living specious. Rhinoceros beetles are able to carry eight hundred fifty times their own weight. This information boggled the scientists minds and gave them a more impactful view of them.

“The mechanical tricks of other animals don’t apply. Rhinoceros beetles keep their bellies high and go slow when carrying a work load,” stated Rodger Kram, Ph.D. Associate Professor. Integrative Physiology Dept. University of Colorado.

Owls are known to have some of the best hearing and eyesight. They can move their head, giving them a 360 degree view. They have night vision, meaning they can see clearly in the dark, and hearing receptors in their brains, which gives them an advantage of great hearing and asymmetrical ear openings. This helps them know where their prey is hiding. They also are able to fly, which makes them the main predator for the smaller organisms on this planet. They prey on mice and even small snakes, which they can see in the dusk of night till the morning dusk.

Although owls have incredible senses, cats have a notable hearing ability above other animals. Their ears can swivel which gives them an exquisite ability to hear. This is why they are considered the greatest predator at the food chain and animal kingdom.

When viewing the different organisms and species, the addition of size into the picture is not often added. When taking size into consideration, abilities and adaptations of animals can be incredibly impressive; proving that size really doesn’t matter.

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