A&E Hangouts: Cookie Corner bakes its way into the heart of Redlands


It seems as though Southern California has had a massive growth in terms of the dessert industry, specifically the baking industry. This has intrigued many people, including folks who you would not typically see as business owners. Some have been incredibly successful; others not so much. One could understand how risky dropping everything to become a full time baker would be. Additionally, add three children, with one more on the way, and you would get Elise and Matt Thomas.

Elise Thomas shares her inspiration for their bakery, stating “I’ve always wanted to open a bakery because I love to bake, and I think that with this busy world that we live in not everyone is able to bake. There are a lot of moms at work that aren’t able to bake, so my dream was to bring the fresh baked cookies to all the homes that don’t have the time to do that.’’

Now, their bakery has become a welcomed addition to the community.

 A common question one asks when deciding to go to a bakery is how good the cookies taste. The fact of the matter is, they are the best, biggest and most bang for your buck cookies in Redlands, and arguably Southern California as a whole. The thing that many will appreciate about Cookie Corner is how sleek it is. When compared to some other bakeries in SoCal, the aesthetic of friendliness and mellowness is a welcome change to the often unnecessarily brash and brazen look of many other establishments.

Oftentimes when you eat cookies, you will become thirsty. Do not worry though, as Cookie Corner has you covered in that aspect as well. They offer their take on a “Twisted Soda,” a soda mixed with certain syrups, creams and fruit. They are all named after famous streets in the SoCal area, but Redlands has the vast majority of the namesakes. This is a nice reminder of how down-to-earth and inviting this bakery is.

 Now, as amazing and inspirational their story is, there is but one downside. Unfortunately. it’s frankly unfixable for now. There is a lack of seating, both outdoor and indoor. However, this is fairly understandable regarding the lengths they go to in making their store Covid compliant, and they will most likely add seating areas later down the line, making this a prime hangout spot for students.

 One final thing about Cookie Corner is their location on Stuart Ave., and how it will impact their business down the line. The bakery is located near the Studio Movie Grill, a popular theater that will certainly boost Cookie Corner’s business in later hours of the day, almost surely spawning a memorable phrase such as “dinner, movie, and a cookie.”

With Cookie Corner’s friendly atmosphere, ideal location, inspiring story, and absolutely delicious cookies and drinks, it is almost impossible to not fall in love with this homegrown bakery. So next time you drive down Stuart Ave. do yourself a favor and pick up a cookie.

Featured photos of s’mores, red velvet, and salted caramel cookies from the Cookie Corner. Cookie Corner offers many other unique flavors such as snickerdoodle and orange blossom. (Courtesy of Vanessa Aranda)

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