Students take action to help mental health on campus at Redlands East Valley


Every Thursday at lunch, a group of Redlands East Valley students meet virtually to discuss mental health issues and focus on personal wellbeing within adolescents. 

This year, the club is led by seniors Lizzy Wilson and Lauren Glaub, junior Joshua Masangcay, and sophomore Sabrina Schwendiman, along with Wendy McClung as the advisor. These cabinet members took an active role in the club due to their desire to spread awareness, increase involvement within our school and community for mental health, and promote change.

Wilson, the president of the club, stated “the Mental Health Club is a space to focus on how to better yourself and get through any struggles you may be having.”

The Mental Health Club meets weekly and touches on issues that students are currently facing and might impact students’ mental health such as distance learning. 

Learning online has been a new, different experience that may lead to an increase of stress and anxiety among students as they attempt to adjust to this new way of learning.

Masangcay, the secretary, offers some advice for students struggling with online learning.

Masangcay stated,  “It could help to set a schedule for a set timeframe that you work, so that you don’t feel a nagging sensation of not working when you’re supposed to, even if you don’t have work to do. And remember, we’re all going through the same thing right now! Reach out to others. It’s very comforting to talk to someone who can empathize with you, who knows how you feel.”

Along with offering advice to students struggling mentally, the Mental Health Club will be creating a website that would provide mental health support for REV and district students this year.

Glaub, the vice president, stated “The website is a place where students can come to find out what we are, resources, events coming up, where to find us, and all of our meeting information.”

Students interested in becoming a member of this club can join by joining the Google Classroom through the code K7W877T  in order to access the zoom link to the meetings on Thursdays.

 An infographic displaying statistics of adolescents and mental health.  (Miriam Yordanos / Ethic News)

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