Redlands establishes a newly COVID cleaned theater


Studio Movie Grill is one of the most popular movie theaters in Redlands, Calif. The owner, Brian Schultz, has franchised Studio Movie Grill to thirty locations, all spread out through the United States. These theaters give the movie lovers an enjoyable time.

Even with the coronavirus pandemic, Studio Movie Grill has managed to open for the happiness and relaxation of the community. Since they are open during the pandemic, the staff is required to go through a long sanitation and social distancing process to keep customers safe.

Another precaution they are taking is only allowing digital ticket purchases to prevent any contact that could further metastasize the virus. Customers can also reserve a completely private auditorium by emailing the company.

Overlapping their practice to prevent contact with the purchase of tickets, the way for customers to order their food is the same. They tell their customers to either download their app, or go to their web page where their customers can order their food online.

Studio Movie Grill in downtown Redlands is one of the few theaters in the area that is open due to the coronavirus. The theater continues to show multiple movies with many people having a good time. (Kendra Burdick/ Ethic Photos) 

 Studio Movie Grill provides a self-service kiosk which prevents sickness. Once the customer is in the theater, all they need to do is to press the button on your chair, this means there will be a staff member there for any need, such as ordering food or drinks.

Studio Movie Grill has been hiring staff members that are trained with proper health and safety measures: this includes required to wear a PPE mask, wearing gloves while handling food and drinks along with frequent hand washing and consistent health checks. 

The entire theater is thoroughly cleaned throughout the day, plus common areas are regularly disinfected. All high-contact surfaces are wiped down with a medical-grade sanitizing agent every thirty minutes. Doors are also propped open indicating a touchless zone.

For sterilization, seats, armrests, tray tables and cup holders are routinely disinfected in between each screening. They also maintain nightly, deep cleaning for all of the auditoriums, as well as the high traffic areas. They additionally clean everything in the bathrooms from the mirrors to the faucets. This information is found on the Studio Movie Grill website for any of their customers.

Because of the necessity of social distancing, Studio Movie Grill has its capacity down twenty five to fifty percent, and guests are required to wear a face covering until they are properly seated in their auditorium. There are also hand sanitizer dispensers all over the building, readily available for the guests and for staff members. Going further, disinfecting wipes will be served with all food orders and upon a request.

Overall, the theater has multiple ways they are keeping their theater a safe, inviting environment during this time by making social distancing and the cleanness of their theaters and auditoriums their top priority. Because of all the protocols that Studio Movie Grill has put into place, customers don’t have to worry about a thing. Now the theater is ready for customers to come in, relax, eat food and watch a movie.

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